Help me decide! pf500 vs. ha5500 vs. mb500

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  1. I've run into a stalemate as to what amp I should get. I'll start by saying right now I play a hartke lh500 through an avatar b212. I like it a lot, but this is the only head I've ever had and I want to see what else is out there.

    I don't play in any bands yet, just occasional jams. But I like to play rock/90's alternative. Ratm, soundgarden, stp, toadies, nirvana and so on.

    So I've found 3 heads that have piqued my interest, all used. So, between an Ampeg pf500, Hartke ha5500, and Gk mb500 which would you choose and why?

    The hartke is my first instinct, basically because that's what I have, and Larry Hartke embodies everything a company should be. :)

    I appreciate any input, thanks.

    Edit: forgot to add, they are all gonna cost around $250 so price isn't a factor. Unless that price is considered too high or one is a better deal. :)
  2. RickenBoogie


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    If you like your hartke rig, save your money. GAS is a terrible thing. Just save for something else later on, and focus on playing right now.
  3. oldcatfish


    Jan 8, 2011
    I'd get a VT pedal...then you can keep your Hartke sound, AND have the Ampeg sound.
  4. I don't know $250 for an MB500 is a mighty sweet deal. :D
  5. I was gonna say to keep your LH500 and get a some sort of tone shaping pedal like the VT Bass. But B string is right, $250 for an MB500 would be too good a deal for me to pass up.
  6. Well, normally I would be on board with this, but I already sold the bass that is funding the purchase. It's either this or momma is getting a new purse. Haha

    I actually already have a hartke bass attack pedal, and I'm pretty happy with it for the tone shaping aspect.

    Im really not familiar with gk stuff at all, think I'll research the mb500 a bit.
  7. What if its an mb2-500? Does that make it less desirable? Anything I should look for? I've been researching, but nobody really seems to know what makes an mb500 better than an mb2-500.

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    imho it makes it much less desirable - the Mb2-500 had plenty of issues and were scrapped not long into their life span and replaced with the MB500 - which by most accounts seem to be much better

    the comment made earlier about getting a VT pedal wasn't just to suggest a tone shaping pedal - I believe the member who posted that was suggesting it would be a cheaper way of having access to the Ampeg tone without purchasing another head - the Hartke pedals are good, but not 'Ampegy' (like a VT or the PF head you are considering)
  9. I am not sure where you get your info? The original model was MB2 as the original MB series combo has a life of it's own. The new MB series became quite popular so the (2) was dropped. The first head out did have troubles for some and were addressed by G-K with updates or replacements. The last rev was A07 which became the MB500 when it was decided to change the model name. If that means you could get a A07 cheap, GREAT! :) But the MB2-500 was NOT scrapped.
  10. pudgychef

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    Jan 22, 2005
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    my bad - I thought I had read on here that the first few version had hiccups, which were addressed - and resulted in a refined version 're-named' MB500

    by scapped I meant the name was 'scrapped'

    so you say an Mb2-500 is just as desirable as an MB500?
  11. Rev A07 yes! :)
  12. Thanks for the info. I will be calling to find out what revision this is. I assume it is easy enough to find out right?
  13. Ok, so turns out this is an A05. Think I'm gonna stay away from this one unless someone changes my mind for me. :bassist: