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  1. Hey guys my drummer friend just found a new practice room for us, so i will need my first bass cab+ amp / or combo :3
    we play covers from pop to metal and anything inbetween. ( personally i play japanese metal and djent on my own)
    I already own a darkglass x ultra and omicron pedal, which i plan on using as a preamp ( go into fx return)
    from previous threads i read it says, get a 115 or 112 over a cheap 210 ?

    Sooo : for Version 1 transistor amp head + cab i was thinking:

    either Darkglass dg112 (500w 8Ohms)
    or the glockenklang Space deluxe ( 250w 8Ohms)
    which one will handle a rehearsal setting better?
    And for the amphead
    Markbass Little mark 250 black line
    or Ampeg pf 500 portaflex

    For Version 2 , Basscombo i thought about
    the Ampeg Ba115 v2 combo

    But please enlighten me if i missed better suited gear for my situation, im not that knowledgeable about bass gear since im still fairly new to it :)
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  2. basscooker

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    Used PV combo with a 15. Add 2nd 115. Cheap, loud, done.

    Stereo power amp. Two used PV 115 cabs. Cheap, loud, done.
  3. i forgot to mention, there is no real used market in my neck of the woods -.-
    but i see you mention 115`s, are they tight enough for fast metal ?
  4. CallMeAl


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    Curious about the budget- looks like darkglass/Ampeg rig would cost me $1150, where the BA 115 $400 (USD, in the states.) So that’s a pretty big range!

    What are the goals: just a jam thing? trying to start a full band? Gigs?

    For a combo, I’d get something expandable with an extension cab: Rumble 200/500, Ampeg BA210, one of the Markbass CMD combos.

    For separates, I’d start at 500w- that PF500, or the Harley Benton 800 block is very tempting! If that’s the top end of your budget, I’d consider a more affordable cabinet, in case you find you need a second. Hartke HD cabs look like a good choice.

    *all my examples came from Thomann*

    And I wouldn’t rule out 10s, my loudest bands I played with a 410 or a 210, and they perform very well. A 210 would be a great starting point, expand to 2X210 if needed. (Cool trick, stack them vertically and get the sound up closer to your ears! :thumbsup: )

    Good luck :)
  5. Thanks for the reply :)
    Yes for now its only jamming.
    My budget is around 1k for either a combo or cab+ head. Im in Germany so thomann is the preferred shop due to the 30 day free return policy:)
    Atm im eyeing the glockenklang duo (210) 8 ohm for 800€+ tc electronics bq500 for 200€ but that would be the utter limit of my wallet. So i came here to get ideas for cheaper rigs that can deliver as much tone as possible for as cheap as possible :)
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  6. [QUOTE="alanloomis1980, post: 24067435, .

    For separates, I’d start at 500w- that PF500, or the Harley Benton 800 block is very tempting! If that’s the top end of your budget, I’d consider a more affordable cabinet, in case you find you need a second. Hartke HD cabs look like a good choice.
    Good luck :)[/QUOTE] i always thought good cap+ cheap amphead because ill use the darkglass preamp :bookworm:
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  7. Also, i already own the darkglass preamp pedals :)
  8. buldog5151bass

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    You are a metal player, I'm guessing you play loudly with the band. Unless you have PA support, you should be looking at 500 watts, and 2 15s, 2 12s or 4 10s.
  9. CallMeAl


    Dec 2, 2016
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    Yeah, that’s why I asked about goals. If you’re not in a rush, the one quality cabinet is a good long-game option. I have a Markbass 121p (300w, 12”) and it’s crazy loud. Even my Rumble 100 (100w, 12”) is so loud, it’s about all I wanna subject myself to in a small rehearsal room. Any more than that, it’s for gigging. But that depends on having a conversation with your drummer about rehearsal volume! ;)

    Most of talkbass will tell you to go head/cab. I have always preferred the convenience, portability and affordability of combos. That BA 115 would probably be enough for this project, but it’s kind of a dead end. The Rumble 200 or BA 210 are only a little more money, and have that extension out so you could make the most out of them down the road. on a budget, either of those would be a good start.

    haven’t tried the TC heads, but they seem to get pretty good reviews around here.
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  10. For reference in my old rehearsalroom the shared amp was a 40 watt 1x10 fender bronco , and it was enough volume for what we do. The ba210 looks cool but what if i hate the built in speakers, can i swap em out for celestion neodymium ones later on ?
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  11. I have the PF500 and also play all kinds of music in a cover band. Keep in mind, at 8 Ohms, it will only put out 350w. At 4 Ohms, 500w. I use either an Ampeg 410HLF Classic (500w @ 4 Ohms) or 2x Hartke Hydrive HD112 (300w @ 4 or 8 Ohms). I only use 1x HD112 when in the PA. Otherwise I need both of them or the 410. If the guys you play with aren't that loud, I am sure the DG112 even with the 350w from the PF500, or something like it, will suffice.

    For short, make sure you're getting enough power from whatever you pair up. :thumbsup:
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  12. Eddie LeBlanc

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  13. Since you have your pre-amps set, and you’re planning onnbypassing the bass amp’s pre, unless you know you’ll need the bass amp I’d skip and just get a power amp. If you can find a used older version of the Quilter bass block 800 that would be ideal, but an old power amp would work. It would not be very portable though! This option works if you’re planning on leaving the rig in the reheasal space.

    Since you seem to rehearse at pretty low volume, given what had been working for you, I think a single 112 or 115 would be good to start.

    You should dismiss all conventional wisdom that dictates tone/sound based on driver diameter. 15’s are not “slow” or “for low end”, nor are 10’s “fast” or for “high end”. The sonic differences between different 115 or 112 or 212 cabinets are just as big as the differences found between a given 115 vs a 112. I own 2 different 212 cabinets and the sounds and performance of them are night and day different. So yes, the right 115 will work great for your kind of music.
  14. CallMeAl


    Dec 2, 2016
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    You could, i suppose. It will come down to how the new speakers interact with the cabinet. But It sounds like you might be compromising and eventually wishing you went bigger/better from the beginning.

    Again, it comes back to goals. If this is all you ever wanna do, and can afford the one nice cab and a head- go for it! If you wanna gig/do more; look for the option that has at least one component in your “dream rig.”

    Not to minimize the impact of budget. I started (my most recent bass reincarnation) on a Rumble 100. It got me going for minimal investment, and is now my rehearsal amp. So if cash is tight, you could pick up a 12” combo from Peavey, Ampeg or Fender to get rolling while you shop around. You could pick up that BA210, which would be an excellent rehearsal/back-up amp.

    Just look ahead to the future a little, try and imagine what you bass trajectory looks like, and what kind of financial/spending plan you can create for that goal.

    good luck!
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  15. JeezyMcNuggles

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    The portaflex for the amp. Cab...whichever you like the looks of more is my best bet. But if it was me, I'd probably go with the darkglass.
  16. Im a gear nerd, and love to have as many components as possible. So id love the cab+ amp route. Whats better: glockenklang or darkglass cab?
  17. Yeah thats what i usually do anyways, hence the darkglass preamp pedals i bought for Homerecording silently direct, and as preamp for rehearsal:)
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  18. basscooker

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    You already have a pre. You may be really well off buying the cheapest PA power amp you can. 400 or so each side.
    Spend the bulk of your budget on a used 4 ohm boutique or super cab. Adding a second cab down the line is easy if you have a power amp.

    This also gives you a one cab solution for a smaller rig with a small head later.
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  20. Define boutique and supercabs .
    Can u guve me examples ? Also, i dont know anything about poweramps. What would be a suitable model for this undertaking?