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  1. Soundguy5000


    Dec 15, 2016
    Hey guys, I just got my new preamp in and I need help configuring my controls.

    Its a Darkglass Tone Capsule. It has 3 proprietary tone knobs.

    My bass is an '05 fender Deluxe V w/humbucker with 5 controls. V/B/Lo/hi/mi

    Low and Hi is stacked so I have 4 spaces for controls.

    I need to either stack some EQ controls or stack the volume blend. I think id be better off stacking the volume and blend, but im not sure what the better control set would be better for my signal flow or the best option to maximize the tone capsule.

    I attached the diagrams for the bass and the pre, what would some of you guys do? is there even a "better" option?

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  2. yeah you can get a pot to stack vol and blend, but they are quite expensive.

    you can use a 50k linear stack (same as your treble and bass stack) as a volume and mids stack. you wire the vol on the output of the pre instead of the input, and you use a 12k resistor between the middle and anti-clockwise lug to make It sweep and load the pre as a 10k audio pot. one of my basses is wired like this. it works fine.
  3. Soundguy5000


    Dec 15, 2016
    how expensive? can I have a link to one or tell me what I should google? I don't know too much about impedance matching

    are you saying I could also use my stacked tone knob as a volume knob?

  4. if you want to stack vol and blend, you can get an MEC pot for this. check out the Warwick site. if memory serves, it's a dual gang 250k a/c (for blend) plus a 500kb (for vol). I think it's around 60-70 Euro (!), plus postage from Germany. plus you'll need to buy a specific stack knob set as I have a feeling the shafts are not common diameters.

    I heard about a u.s. bass parts site that was selling these much cheaper, but I can't remember its name. sorry.

    to stack vol and mids, yeah you'd use the same spec pot as the stacked treble and bass pot - a 50kb dual concentric pot. you can get these from all over the place, even ebay. the tapering resistor will just be a few cents. you won't be able to have an active-passive switch though.