Help me finalize my theory and new metal!

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  1. Noobai


    Aug 25, 2002
    Stanford, CA
    Alrighty, Im trying to mix something into a form of music I love, that I want to form a band around.

    Im trying to find a middle ground between two genres.

    Genre number one. Epic (generally Fantasy) Metal and Power Metal.

    Bands like Blind Guardian, Iced Earth, etc. I ADORE the EPIC sound behind them and a lot of the chord progressions.

    Genre 2. Nu-Metal. Im still a nu-metaler at heart. I love the heavy tones, and (predictable) chord progressions, from bands like Chevelle, System, Lost Prophets, etc.

    What I want. The crunchy tone and progression of nu-metal with the epic sound and melody of power metal.

    The chord progressions and predicatability Ive got down through strict theory. THe melodic harmonies of power-metal Ive also gotten down through theory.

    The heavy tone, is the dropping of steps and weirder tunings.

    What I need to find is that epic sound. My two things that Ive come to are...


    Blind Guardians vocalist (Hansi) and Iced Earth's choir like effects give the music a very epic sound.


    Correct use of percussion (tympany type sounds) makes a more of a solid sound

    most importantly


    This applies to all bands. Really good bands use pauses to blow things way out of proportion (think Pink Floyd) and I feel this is the number one thing that needs to be mastered.

    Add in opinions, I want to finalize this concept and get working on writing stuff.

    Also, any guitarists/drummers/singers looking to start a band like this in the Washington State area? You have a bassist
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    Sep 4, 2000
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    Symphony X's The Odyssey is totally like that too IMO.
  3. I think if you listened to some Slayer you'd change your mind about the whole nu-metal situation.
    Death Metal Man!!!!!:bassist: :D
  4. I wouldnt really call slayer death metal.