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Help me find an effect

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by Joshua Alexander, Dec 20, 2001.

  1. I want to get a Lovetone Meatball, but I went to their website and they are sold out. :( They are also not planning on making anymore. If you know any websites that have them available please post a link. Also in case I can't find one whats the next best envelope filter?
  2. No more meatballs are going to be made?!?! Oh god no! That sucks! It's like a crowned king in the envelope filter world! Man! That sucks! Please just let it be a cruel rumor.
  3. Sorry to tell you but its true, check their site.
  4. Oh, that's sick. How can they cancel the meatball? Why not the other more unpopular effects?
  5. Yeah now the problem is gonna be finding one or figuring out what the next best thing would be any suggestions anyone?
  6. Search like crazy for one on all the internet search engines. I'm going to look too if I find any extra I'll let you know.
  7. http://www.musictoyz.com might have a few

    they'll probably start making pedals again sometime.. they've closed down production twice before
  8. Stupid lovetone quitting production, looks like i'll have to get something else instead, I've seen on some other threads the moogerfooger e/f is the next best thing, can anyone tell me how it is quality wise, any problems with?
  9. I found a place where you can get one! I think, don't hold me to it.

    <a href="http://www.gbase.com/gbase.asp?dealer=295&display_type=search&type=170&make=love">Here</a>

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