Help me find my old translucent purple Tobias 6 string basic?

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  1. Many years ago (probably around 1993 or so), I owned a 6 string Tobias Basic with flame maple body wings and a maple neck with purple heart stringers and a pau ferro fingerboard. I don't remember the exact serial number, but it was either 14xx or 16xx, placing it in the Gibson transition period (after the sale to Gibson, but when the basses were still being made by Mike and his California crew; this was confirmed via an email with Mike Tobias). The most distinguishing characteristic of this bass (other than it's wonderful tone, which I can only describe as "it sang, man, it just sang") was the translucent purple finish. At the time, I had concluded that I had no musical talent (which is still true), and that this wonderful instrument belonged in the hands of a professional who could make it sing. Plus, I was a poor college student and I needed rent money. So I sold it at Guitar Exchange in Catonsville, MD (still my home town). I've spoken to the current owner, and they don't have any records going back that far.
    But web searches found this, which I'm about 95% sure is my old bass:

    Tobias Basic 6 string Purple | The Lowend Bass Shop

    (Admins, if posting a link to a commercial shop is prohibited, let me know and I'll remove it)

    I contacted that shop, and got a response back that they didn't keep a record of who they sold it to. But at the very least, it was in Tennessee sometime before April, 2018.

    I am sensitive to the fact that the current owner may not want to part with the bass, and may not even want to be identified as owning this bass. And hey, that's cool. BUT, if you currently own this bass and you don't mind chatting with me, please message me, because I would love an opportunity to get it back. Or at the very least learn something of its history since I gave it up for adoption.

    If you are reading this and you know who owns it, please don't post that here. Instead, contact the owner and give them the link to this post and let them know I'd love to hear from them.

    Thanks in advance to all of you for reading.