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Help me identify some Fenders! One has lipstick pickups

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by el_Bajo_Verde, Jan 18, 2017.

  1. el_Bajo_Verde


    May 18, 2016
    Stopped by a guitar shop after work looking for a cheap beater bass. Didn't find one I wanted, but saw some Fenders I'm not familiar with. I don't know much about Fender outside the standard P, J, and Dimension, but they looked interesting!

    MIM P-bass with what I think is a gold anodized pickguard. The neck plate was bent outta shape though, and gouging VERY deep into the body, with cracks in the finish radiating away from the neck plate. I would have bought it if it weren't for that.


    5-string Fender Jazz. This one was tucked away out of reach. I've never seen one like this before.


    Also a MIM bass, this one really caught my eye! Nice matching headstock, and three lipstick pickups!


    Oh, and this old thing. Not a Fender but I was surprised at how good it sounded. Cheapest one there. I think it's a Samick, $200

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  2. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    The P is a classic fifties. Can't tell if it's the nitro finish or not. The second one is I think a jazz bass plus. Or MB something? I don't know. The third is a rascal.
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  3. el_Bajo_Verde


    May 18, 2016
    A Rascal, that's interesting. I've never seen it mentioned once here on TB, and I've seen just about everything while browsing the forums.

    I saw a few holes in the gold pickguard, but what are they for? Did it come off of another bass?
  4. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    It comes that way. They're for a tug bar and pickup cover if the player wants to install them. There are holes in the pickguard but not the body.
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  5. bholder

    bholder Affable Sociopath Supporting Member

    Sep 2, 2001
    Vestal, NY
    Received a gift from Sire* (see sig)
    That's a Rascal. Cool little basses, only available for like 6 months. I grabbed one cheap on the blowouts after they stopped production.
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  6. The last one looks like a late 60's Teisco Japanese bass. The fiver is a early 90's USA Fender Jazz Deluxe or Plus or some other name I cannot remember, but usually had great build quality. Never heard of a Fender Rascal but it looks dang cool!
  7. The extra holes may have been for the thumb rest...Removed?
  8. Gorn


    Dec 15, 2011
    Queens, NY
    No it comes like that. Holes in the pickguard for the tug bar and pickup cover but it doesn't come with either. Just the holes.
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  9. Feralhog


    Dec 29, 2014
    No extra charge!
  10. FantasticFour


    Dec 14, 2013
    Is that Teisco where Gibson got the inspiration from? Or is the Teisco itself a copy of another?

  11. It sure looks like Gibson took some inspiration from the old Teisco! Don't know what model that is but they should call it the JTGL-2000. LOL
  12. Malak the Mad

    Malak the Mad Over the River and through the Looking Glass Supporting Member

    Yes, indeed! It's called a "Jazz Bass Plus". It's a nineties-era MIA bass with a Kubicki active electronics system. If I recall correctly, owners have mentioned something about a "trim pot" under the control cover which allows for more specific tone shaping.
  13. bassbully

    bassbully Endorsed by The PHALEX CORN BASS..mmm...corn!

    Sep 7, 2006
    Blimp City USA
    That Rascal is pretty cool....never knew of them till now.
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  14. Axstar


    Jul 8, 2016
    That 7-string Gretsch George Van Eps (?) must be worth something to somebody somewhere!

    The Rascal is quite a fun bass. I tried one, and I appreciate the effort Fender made to make it not feel like a shortscale. It feels remarkably like a 34'' bass due to neck placement. A broad selection of tones on tap as well.
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  15. Rabidhamster


    Jan 15, 2014
    PM me that shops phone number, will you? I've got to talk with them about one of the non bass instruments there.
  16. two fingers

    two fingers Opinionated blowhard. But not mad about it. Gold Supporting Member

    Feb 7, 2005
    Eastern NC USA
    That Gretsch catch your eye too? I don't need it but it's cool.
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  17. Rabidhamster


    Jan 15, 2014
    Yeah! I don't need it either but how can I resist lol.
  18. Fat Freddy

    Fat Freddy Supporting Member

    Feb 23, 2016
    Albany NY
    The Rascal...

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  19. markjazzbassist

    markjazzbassist Supporting Member

    Apr 19, 2005
    Cleveland, OH
    that rascal is super cool
  20. JIO

    JIO Gold Supporting Member Commercial User

    Jun 30, 2010
    Oceana (Pacifica) CA
    musician/artist/owner - Gildaxe
    Teisco's (Tokyo Electronics Instrument and Sound Company) were the first wave of affordable 'reference' styles in the 60's referencing the major players like Fender, Gibson, and Burns of London - that particular one Burns. Since the 80's retro has been a focus of guitar/bass producers, and although retro styling never went away since then it appears it's receiving a resurgence with the new Supro line and Fano's German carve "Mosrite" referenced guitars previewing now at NAMM.
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