Help me identify the "body" of my mysterious $20 Frankencombo

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by lossfizzle, Jul 8, 2013.

  1. lossfizzle


    Jul 8, 2013
    I went out to the pawn shops today looking for a small toss-in-the-car combo or cabinet, hoping to find something comparatively light / easy to take to an audition tonight instead of my made-of-solid-concrete Peavey 1x15.

    I found this for $20, what advertised itself as a Peavey Micro Bass... but it isn't, of course, a Micro Bass. It's a Micro Bass chassis mounted inside... something else, which looks like a mass-manufactured job. I'm just trying to figure out what this cab "belonged to" before it became the home for the Micro Bass guts.

    It has Peavey badging on it but that could have easily been the work of the previous owner / hacker trying to pass this off as a "real thing" to the shop or whatever.

    It looks less like any Peavey combo I've seen and a lot more like the old / dead Workingman 15 I have torn apart, but I know tons of companies have used that "recessed head" form factor in their bass and acoustic combos. There is nothing else on or inside the cabinet giving its true origin away.

    The bizarre "slotted front" of the baffle cover should hopefully give this away semi-instantly to someone who knows this category of amp better than I do.


    and w/cover off, "stock" speaker in all its glory:


    And like I said, I DO have a 10" I'm gonna slap in there as a standin, but I'm also wondering how I might find the best possible 10" driver to match the cabinet. Not a whiz with design from parameters but I'm willing to learn quick. Pointers?
  2. lossfizzle


    Jul 8, 2013
    Optimistic bump! Still no idea what this is / was and I'd really like to see if I can find the head to fit it right someday. I do feel quite confident having seen the hacker's (or hackers') "handiwork" that the cab construction was not part of their endeavors.

    I loaded this up temporarily with an ancient Pyle MH1020 today and pushed it with the Rusty Box and 100w - not bad at all, should be fine for practice, although I'm still thinking I may order one of the MCM el cheapo 10"s and see if I can get a little more oomph in the 40-60Hz range than the Pyle is really capable of generating.

    1.41 cu ft inside, mostly properly-braced plywood walls. I'm not averse to adding a port if it will help with my driver of choice, but I'm also still figuring WinISD out...