Help me make me sound huge

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  1. I curently want a more rounded sound that should be a better fit in the mix. I want almost the sound of a bass, as I currently am sounding like flea, but smaller. so I guess if a comp can fatten, what will make me sound huge?

    I've been thinking an aphex bass xiter, but is there anything else? I wound't mind getting the rack version of it or any others.

    Many thanks
  2. Major


    Jan 7, 2004
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    -big speaker/s

    -Aphex "Big Bottom"

    -BBE "Sonic Maximizer"

  3. Aphex Bass Exciter with Enhancer, £80 approx from ebay or Bass Boutique (John Gibson VERY HELPFUL )

    I tried this and it made my Ampeg rig sound huge in fact too full and big.

    I found it better than the BBE stuff and it goes front of amp , no tone loss and good bypass etc.

    Worth a look great pedal for smaller rigs needing extra thud etc
  4. How about the rack version of the aphex pedal? I want to get stuff off the floor and into a rack.
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    Before you add a box, consider playing with a lighter touch and turning your amp up. The lighter you play, the deeper you'll sound. Try it...
  6. ++1.

    Wise man. ;) ;)
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    Also, pluck closer to the neck for increased bass response.
  8. get an ampeg 810...then you'll really sound huge!
  9. I would but I can't afford it and the people I live with would kill me!