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Help me mod a Hartke Transporter cab w/Bag End E10X & Deltalite II's!

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by jtlee, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. jtlee


    Mar 2, 2005
    Portland, Oregon
    So I got a Hartke Transporter cab for nearly free (actually, after I sell the speakers, I'll have some coin to upgrade it!). In Bass Player's Aug 91 Hartke Transporter review, it says it's made of 1/2" luan plywood, but when I popped the speakers, it sure as heck looked like OSB to me. Rabbet joints but no glue blocks. Not optimal obviously, but the cab is insanely light and I like that (55 lbs fully loaded). I happen to have 4 Eminence Deltalite II (8 Ohm) neo speakers, 1 Bag End E-10X (coax driver from a Q-10D cab, but no compression driver for it) lying around gathering dust. So I want to:

    1) Get rid of the low-wattage Transporter speakers
    2) Properly brace the cab
    3) Install new, larger handles (Penn Elcom 2424 salvaged from an Eden cab)
    4) Line the cab with foam/fill (mattress topper?)
    5) New Speakers/crossover (installed with T-nuts):

    Option A: 4 Eminence Deltalite II neo speakers & some bullet tweeters, Eminence PX2:3K5 2-Way Crossover (3,500 Hz crossover point)
    Option B: 3 Eminence Deltalite II's & one Bag End E-10X coax driver, Selenium DH200E-E 1" Titanium Horn Driver, Selenium 2V2K/600 2-Way Passive Crossover (2,000 Hz crossover point) - all 8 Ohm drivers

    6) Repaint grill and reinstall with Penn-Elcom rubber feet/washers

    Now the items I need help with! The Hartke has two braces in the center of the cab, top/bottom (4" wide, 1/2" thick, same OSB material). Could I take a hole saw and punch some holes in to remove some weight without weakening the bracing? I know that Mesa Boogie cuts squares out of their bracing, albeit their's is plywood. Then I'd add some glue blocks in the corners. What size/material should I use for this...2" x 2" Pine? Also, will I need additional bracing? I know every 6-8" is recommended, but I really want to keep the weight down.

    Which speaker/tweeter/crossover option is better? I know the Bag End and Deltalite have similar wattage ratings and they both work well in smaller enclosures. The Transporter cab has a single 5" diameter port dead center in the front panel; would this be sufficient or should I add ports? Or should I just pop in a 5" tweeter in the center and rear port the cab?

    This is my first speaker building adventure and I've read through dozens of TB posts so far and I downloaded WinISD (which is confusing as heck at 1 AM). I've been through dozens of cabs in the last year, so I figured I'd try my hand at semi-DIY just to see what happens. But if this works, looks like I'll have a sub-50 lb. 4x10" w/quality components. I'm not trying to make the perfect cab, and I realize I'm starting with a "crap" OSB cab (ala the Ghettotron OSB combo made by another TB'er), but since this is just an experiment, I'm going to use what I've got. Thanks in advance to all you speaker building gurus. You have no idea how much I appreciate all your previous posts. You guys :bassist:
  2. LesS


    Mar 3, 2006
    no longer a member
    Here’s my two cents.
    Since you already have the four 10" drivers, I would just try them.
    I would not punch holes in the bracing.
    I would re-apply wood glue to all joints inside the cabinet.
    I would leave the 5” front port as is.
    Is there room to add a tweeter or MR driver without using the 5" port?
  3. jtlee


    Mar 2, 2005
    Portland, Oregon
    Thanks for your input. I'm going to do it one way or another, just wanted some ideas/feedback.

    I know some of the guys here as well as major manufacturers have routed/drilled holes in the bracing to lighten the load and maybe increase internal volume. I will be installing blocks on all the corners (with PL Premium Polyurethane) as there are none presently.

    There is a little room for some piezo/bullet style tweeters. Maybe use 2 small ones? I'm also thinking of wiring this cab as two separate 4 Ohm enclosures (since I have an amp that is 2 Ohm stable). Know any pros and cons to this?
  4. Crockettnj


    Sep 2, 2005
    North NJ
    WHy not try it. But first, calculate the internal volume and the port size/dimensions. You'll be able to figure out the tuning of the cab. Then, you can figure out, based on the 4 neo drivers you have, if the "modded" cab will be tuned properly or if you need to a) change the port dimension to re-tune the cab or b) cover up a speaker hole or 2 and make your 410 a 310 or 210. Keep this in mind. It seems counterintuitive, but fewer rivers may actually result in a better product . It is in line with your weight savings goal as well. Also, dont mix and match your drivers if they are to share the same airspace.

    For example,
    I just got a PV 210 column Pa cab for $6.00 at a garage sale. Externally in C+ / B- condition. It had home stereo and guitar speakers in it. So I measured the internal volume and noticed that, at 1.75 ft3, it would be a great fit for ONE eminence 2510. I then made some mods, similar to what you are talking with bracing, and decided to go with a new baffle as well. Ported, a couple of piezo tweets, and it really does sound quite good. Not bad for 2hours of work while listening to the radio.

    My point is, just dont throw in the drivers. A little bit of measuring, calculating, and re-jiggering could, in all liklihood, mean the difference between aweful and really pretty nice results.

    In regards to your question on bracing, I used 1/2" plywood with many 3-4" holes drilled into it with a hole saw. I then glued this swiss cheese brace bisecting the cab from top to bottom (the longest dimension). I reglued the joints with PL as well.

    edit- your 410TP is 24X24X15". Internally, that gives it about 4" ft3 before you account for bracing and speakers. That comes to less than one ft3 per driver. UNless you are using the s2010 from eminence, that isnt enough (to do it properly). Consider the 310 option. That gives you 20-25% more cab space per driver, and, at 1.3 ft3 each, may be ok. Others will chime in on that.

    Best of luck, and show some pics!
  5. jtlee


    Mar 2, 2005
    Portland, Oregon
    Thanks for the info and the recs! Really appreciate it. A few questions.

    Is there a reason why drivers shouldn't be mixed if they seem fairly compatible spec wise? The Bag End E10X was designed for an even smaller cab; the Q10XD is a 22" x 27" x 12" cab. Power handling is comparable (200W For the E10X vs the 250W for the DLII). Plus the option of the coax tweeter (which I love the sound of) and not having to punch extra holes is a bonus.

    Also, the Eminence Deltalite II 2510 I'm using specs for a 0.6-1.4cu.ft. vented enclosure. Doesn't this fall into the approx range of the Hartke?

    Thanks again!

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