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HELP ME! Musicman Bongo 6 or Ibanez SR5006E

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by castleshade13, Apr 26, 2009.

  1. i'm choosing a six string bass but my band mates are being kinda annoying about it since they are contributing to it they say i have to listen to them

    First of all they say i should get a six string (as i mentioned in another thread) and when i looked at the Musicman Bongo 6 they thought its really good but for the price could be a bit better and i was wondering about how it only has oone truss rod and how that maybe it has a weak neck

    then i looked at the Ibanez SR5006/SR5005E

    If i choose a five string they said ibanez six the bongo ONLY BECAUSE THE STRINGS (B and C) come in at an angle from the nut so will errode the nut away quickly I REALLY need PROOF that it won't be a problem unless some can tell me it will as i play to have this bass for a fairly long tim


    and advice please

  2. Why are you getting a 6er or 5er - for what reason?

    One usually gets a 5er for the lower notes or a 6er for the lower, and higher notes.
  3. Your band mates have no Idea what they're talking about. Any normal wear on the nut would occur so slowly that you would probably have to own the bass for at least decades for it to become noticeable. There are people playing Fenders from the 60's that haven't had a single thing changed on them and still play perfectly.

    Noe about the basses, I'm not a fan of ibanez basses but I have been recently, although slowly, changing my opinion. I've heard good things about the SR Prestige series so it may be worth your cash. But, from the what I've heard of both basses (not what I've heard about them but what they actually sound like) I think the Bongo would give you a more versatile tone.
  4. LDonnie


    Aug 3, 2008
    I can't imagine that the nuts on these basses would erode that quickly. After all, these basses are not made by any average workmanship and both brands that build them are highly regarded instrument manufacturers. I do not think you need to worry about neck weakness either for the same reason.
  5. How do your bandmates know so much about bass construction? Clearly none of them are bass players, and yet they claim to know more than you. The Bongo is not a flimsy bass, by any means. Have they seen the price tag for the Bongo 6? Do they really think EBMM would release an instrument with a "eroding nut?"
    My advise is to save up money and buy the bass YOU want on your own. Even if it takes you a few more months, purchase it on your own so you don't have to deal with the nonsense these guys are giving you.
  6. RickenBoogie


    Jul 22, 2007
    Dallas, TX
    If they "go in" on the bass, then it's not really yours. I'd do as said above, save up and buy what you want.
  7. Another benefit of buying it on your own is that just in case your band breaks up, there is no dispute over who owes who what. That'll save you from a big headache.
  8. take whichever feels better to you, a bongo 6 and an SR5006 will feel VERY different. I much prefer the ibanez, but that's just me.
  9. nsmar4211


    Nov 11, 2007
    I was an ibanez fan until my 5 er just crapped out (soundgear). Took it to a tech......then I learn how hard Ibanez is to get ahold of... and how a preamp for a $300 bass is $119!!!!! Think unless it's realllllly cheap i won't buy a Ibanez again. Peavey stands behind their stuff a lot better so that's what I'm going with.....

    In your case, I'd go with the music man if you like it- never heard anything bad about them. However, if you like the Ibanez better go with it-YOU have to play it. Just be forewarned if something goes wrong it might get expensive....

    One reason your band might be tryingto talk you out of a six string is cause they don't want you looking like a guitarist....... LOL maybe they're afraid you'll outshine them. I'd never ask my bandmates for their opinion on what bass I should buy, unless it was something like picking out the color! I don't tell the guitarist what guitar to buy......
  10. thanks guys!

    i took your advice and played a few shows with my friends dads six string custom bass, saved up money then left the jack holes! muhahaha!

    now i've nearly saved up now to choose the bass! =D

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