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Help me pick a 5 for this style

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by complexprocess, Mar 10, 2005.

  1. I'm looking for a 5 string for $500 or so (new or used) for my brother. He wants it for an instrumental pornogroove type sideproject he has with a friend. He's a bassplayer-turned-guitarist who's playing bass again (Amazingly, his time with a guitar hasn't ruined his grasp on the low end.)

    Anyway, he's playing a Mexican Fender Jazz right now (4 string) and he's always been happy with it. He likes deep smooth tone--almost reggae deep--with a little extra articulation. There's a link to sound clips at the end. The obvious answer seems like a Jazz V, but I'm wondering if something else might suit him better.

    To get a feel for his style of play and his tone, check out a couple of the tracks linked below. I'd recommend "Goin' Down" first, and the "Gettin' Dealt With," but feel free to check out the other one as well.

    The page may not be work safe, depending on what logo is up at the moment. Also, don't play "Tic Tac Whale" at work. I hope you enjoy the tunes and thanks for any help on picking a 5 stringer for him.

    Hmm... meant to put this in basses, not bassists. no wonder it hasn't gotten any attention. :)
  2. bumperized?

    I'm bringing my bro to try out a bass like one in the for sale forum, if he likes the feel we'll be set, but I'd still like some other suggestions.