Help me pick a bass for roughly £400/$400!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Jonas., Jun 9, 2005.

  1. Jonas.


    Jun 2, 2005

    i made a similar thread about this a few days ago, however, my budget has changed, and so have my needs.

    I have a budget of £400 or $400 (i didn't do a direct conversion because basses in UK and US are the same number of which ever currency it is, i know - it sucks)

    i was thinking along the lines of a fender jazz, i was originally inspired by the idea of a 6er, but i don't think i could afford a half decent one - unless the peavey grind is any good! :p

    sso yea, i play mainly slap, and i'm not in a band, so slapping is how i use my time. i'm not neccessarily looking for a variety of tones - just a single GOOD one.

    thank you :)
  2. Musicfreak1988


    Feb 2, 2005
    You can look at a used SUB... Altough they're cheaper Stingray/Sterling versions, they tend to have a nice sound for the price and everyone knows that a MM bass begs to be slapped :bassist: :p
    But yeah, a Fender Standard Jazz is also a good option... The jazz will be more versatile since it has 2 pups...

    It all depends... If you like the feel and sound of a MM-type, if you like a J-type... Or maybe even a P-type (take a listen to Patrice Rushen's 'Forget Me Nots' if you think a P-bass isn't suited for slapping)... you should go for it.

    If you're going to buy a Fender MIM, be sure you have played the bass and have tested and have felt it, as there are nice ones among them, but also pieces of sh*t... (Notice : the neck, is it straight? The neck pocket, is it tight? Feel the tuning keys right? You can always put in new pups or install a BadAss bridge...) And in general: listen to how the bass sounds acoustic, unplugged. It'll tell you a lot of it's quality.

    Hope this helps you out a bit, but you should take a listen for yourself.
  3. Jonas.


    Jun 2, 2005
    ah! thank you musicfreak1988, i will look into the SUBs. also, if i get a fender jazz, i will use your advice, as previously i'd never really known how to check accurately for a "dud." :)
  4. As of today £400 = $728.08, $400 = £219.71

    That's a huge spread either way you slice it.
  5. Jonas.


    Jun 2, 2005