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Help me pick a new amp.

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by RS, Jan 16, 2001.

  1. RS


    Aug 27, 2000
    Cleveland, OH
    I'm getting ready to upgrade my rig. Right now I have 2 peavey cabs, an SWR 350 and Ampeg SVT3 Pro. I'd like to have more headroom and some better cabs. Here's what I'm thinking about:
    Option 1: SWR 900- pros: I like the SWR sound, price seems reasonable, reliable, cons: I think the power rating are overestimated, and I want an amp the will always be loud enough
    Option 2: Eden WT800- pros: good reviews, reliable, I like hybrid amps, cons: never played one, unsure how loud the amp really is,
    Option 3: Asdown 500: pros: never heard a complaint about them, users always have rav reviews, I like the setup and philosophy behind the construction, cons:never played one, price, enough output?
    Option 4: preamp and power amp combo: ample power, interchangable, lightweight, cons: price, limited experience with preamps (I've tried the ampeg ones, and that's about it)

    As for cabs, I'm pretty much set on Eden or SWR. If I get a high powered amp, will these cabs be able to handle the volume?

    Anymore information or suggestions would be helpful.
  2. camerondye


    Nov 7, 2000
    I just played a guys rig last night that sounded phenominal. It was an alembic F1-x, an Eden wt-1000 power amp, and a 15, and a 12. He had a huge sound. I think when I upgrade, I am going to use that as a base system, a really nice base system. If you want a system that will last, I would go the separate pre-amp, power amp, speaker system. More money, but more control, and you can have more than one pre-amp section for more sounds in the same rig.
  3. rickbass

    rickbass Supporting Member

    All your choices are great. One I might add, because it was the sweetest rig I ever had the pleasure to send a signal through, is an Aguilar. Even Roger Sadowsky says, "It's the best piece of bass amplification equipment I have ever heard."

    With the Aguilar I used, (but do not own until I sell my house), the sound was so fat it made a sumo wrestler look anemic. If that's what you like. You have an Ampeg SVT, (I'm using one tomorrow night), so I imagine db's aren't your concern.

  4. Hey RS!! option four allows you to customize your pre/power amp section,especially if you can afford it.
    Option three only requires that you try out an Ashdown and put it to the test(there's only so much testing you can do in a a store,the gig is another situation all together).
    Option two ,same thing.
    Option one,test the SWR to see if it surpasses any doubts.
    As far as the choice between cabs,see which one sounds the best with the different combinations.It's your money and you have the right to be satisfied with your gear.
    Good luck,I wish I was in your situation...well,someday...
    I hope I'm not being redundant.
  5. Toast_Bass


    Apr 18, 2000
    Just had to respond to your post RS. I have recently purchased the Eden WT600 Road Runner, an Eden 410XLT cabinet and an Eden 212XLT cabinet. Let me tell you this is in my opinion the best rig out there. Yea it cost a good bit of $$$ but if you can afford it there is no other rig in this class. The WT800 has 200 more watts than the 600 but i just didnt need that much more power. This head and cabinet combo sounds like a pa system on stage and fills in better than any rig i have ever heard. Your sound guy will hate you for playing this on stage lol. I tried several head and cabinet combos b4 buying the Eden. SWR, Ampeg, Aguilier(sp?), Hughes & Ketner, and Genz Benz to name a few. The 410 cab is rated at a continuous 750 watts and the 212 at continuous 600. These cabinets can take anything you give them. The head has the fattest, thumpin, crisp sound of anything i played. You cannot go wrong with the Eden. All the others just dont have what this one does. Good luck in your decision its a hard one to make.

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