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Help me pick out an amp

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by ToiletCookie, May 26, 2001.

  1. ToiletCookie


    May 26, 2001
    First the fine print..
    I'm 15 years old, and i have a garage band going. we play anything from sublime to rage against the machine to rock/funk (rhcp) to rancid, you get the point. we play alot of stuff. the band has myself, 1 guitarist, a singer, and a drummer.

    guitarist goes through a 100 watt marshall combo
    drummer's not too loud and not too soft
    singer goes through a 30 watt combo
    I currently play through a 100 watt carvin combo w/10" speaker

    ....so i got to thinking about buying a head and cab set-up instead of a combo. i guess i'll need around 300 watts, just to be safe. my budget is $750...preferably new gear. (too weary of used..) here's what i have in mind:

    hartke 3500 head - $430
    -350 watts at 4 ohms

    carvin 210 speaker cab (2x10) - $300
    -4 ohms, 400 watt handling

    portability is a big concern, that's why i'm not even thinking of buying a 4x10 or 6x10. although i would like those.

    do you see any problems with my choices? any other recommendations for other head/cab combinations?
  2. If you like the sounds 10" speaker the way it is now, it's a fine and quite portable setup.
  3. I remember being where you are now, but for me it was in 1965...

    My advice is to not skimp on your gear. When you buy insufficient gear, you are constantly trading up and paying more than you would if bought right the first time. If you making music just for a good time instead of a serious basis, good gear might be a waste of your money. This is something only you can answer.

    The bassist always has a tough time keeping up with guitar players. I have found you need 4x the wattage, at an absolute MINIMUM. My own personal rule of thumb is to also have 4x the amount of speaker cone area. If your guitarist has a single 10" you should have (4) 10" or at the very least twice what the guitarist has.

    10" systems are smaller than 15" systems, and easier to lug around, but 15" systems move more air. I would personally rather lug (2) 2x10 than (1) 4x10. Consider making your rig component based so you can take half of it to small gigs, and bring the whole thing to large gigs.

    I encourage you to consider trading on eBay. Considering your age and the amount of trading that older bassists do while trying to find your "sound", I am positive you will be trading gear sometime in the future. Never pay any more than 66% of new, best discount price for used gear. This will let you get more gear for less cash, and allow you to resell it later without losing your ass.

    I do a LOT of trading on eBay and am entirely satisfied with it. Look for sellers that accept PayPal, and make payment through your parents' VISA card for extra protection against fraud. Look at the sellers' feedback ratings and comments. Sellers having no history or negatives are ones to avoid. Never fall in love with a piece of equipment... there will always be another coming along.

    Download a copy of my Musician's Reference spreadsheet from my web site. It contains a lot of eBay trading prices and other general info about amps, etc.


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