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Help me pick two cabinets for my new amp....

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by GeorgiaHonk, May 10, 2004.

  1. Hi folks. I bought a new head last week, a Peavey 450 Max. This amp will push 450 watts with a 2-ohm load, and 300 watts with a 4-ohm load. I've been researching various 4-ohm cabs from different manufacturers, and have been trying to reach a compromise between quality of tone, flexibility, portability, affordability, and availability. I'd like to get some feedback from y'all to help with some insights that I'm probably missing. I like deep, rich, thick bass tone, and therefore have been focusing my research on finding a set of two cabs with 12s and/or 15s. Here are my choices so far:

    Based on what I've read, my ideal cabinet rig would probably be the Aguilar GS212 coupled with an Eden 2X15 cabinet. But that combo is definitely out of my price range.

    Another alternative is the Peavey 412tvx. It sounds like I would dig the tone of this cab, and it would be a good match for my amp. But I would sacrifice portability and flexibility, and also would not likely be able to find one locally to try before I buy.

    The most practical combination I've come up with is an Avatar B212 coupled with a used Peavey 115. This rig would be very flexible, portable, and well within my budget. But from what I've read here on TB, the Avatars don't have a great rep for producing the thick, rich, low frequencies I'm craving.

    Any advice? Am I missing something obvious? Any assistance would be appreciated.

  2. A better description of your "ideal tone" would be helpful. What have you used in the past that achieved what you're currently looking for? None of the cabinets you listed have very remarkable specs when it comes to low end so this makes me think your perceptions of "thick, rich, low frequencies" might be a little askew. Let us know what your actual budget is as well so people can make suggestions in that ball-park.
  3. I am very pleased with the thick tone from my Avatar B212, B115 setup. It sounds nice and low to me but remains musical.

    I know these terms are subjective but I got the thick rich tone from these Avatars as far as I'm concerned
  4. IMO It beats the heck out of the SWR Workingmans 4x10 you have listed in your profile.
  5. As for my ideal tone, I like the old school, James Jamerson type of round bottom end. I like for my bass to sound about as much like an upright as an electric bass can. In fact, I'm probably going to change to flatwounds on my P-bass the next time I change out strings.

    I don't know that any one particular rig has ever stood out to me (and I've only ever owned one bass rig prior to my current gig), but the first time I played through an Eden cabinet I was extremely impressed. I have more opinionated ideas on what I generally don't like, which includes just about any cab with a modern, scooped, articulate, or bright sound. As MusikMan pointed out, I previously owned an SWR 4X10 that wasn't exactly my cup of tea.

    As far as my price range goes, well, depending on the impending sale of some miscellaneous gear, I will probably have between $600 and $700 to spend.

    Thanks in advance,

  6. Thanks, that's what I was hoping to hear. The Avatar is definitely closer to my budget than the others I'm considering.
  7. Saetia


    Mar 27, 2003
    What exactly is your budget? And do you really need something like a 215 and a 212. I'm a current owner of an Eden 215xlt and an Eden 410t which is more speaker then I currently need but there if I ever do (a bit more cone area then an 810 which is sometimes do need). Anyway depending upon what your band mix is and how loud you need to be you should be able to get by with only one cab, I know I can and I have a super loud drummer and two 150 watt half stacks. My 215 cost me $600 new from Uncle Bob's in Milwaukee WI. I'd say before you go the Avatar route check into that, plus as I've noticed from playing some Avatar stuff, they are great for their price range, but they lack in the low end, JMO. I don't know what the efficiency on the Avatars are but the 215XLT is 103db @ 1w/1m. And the frequency response extends down to 40 Hz without roll off; the Avatars have a roll of -3db at like 50-65 Hz. I'd say get it piece by peace, I know this causes gas, but you will be happier in the long run with what you have then if you just cheeped out early on. For the price of the two Avatar cabs, you're looking at just under what you will pay for that Eden new, wait and if you want to add to it save up and add another cab. The 215 is a pretty efficient cab and has a bit more cone area then a 410 cab. From your description of tone, this would be the way to go as well, Eden’s are known for the low-mid wool as it's called and nail that classic tone and can be eq'd to get others as well. Try as much as you can out, and let us know which way you are swaying. Hope I helped.

  8. Your SWR and the Eden (410XLT?) cab you noted were both designed by the same person. IMO they sound very similar with the SWR being a touch brighter in the upper mids to highs. If the tone you're after is what I'm thinking of ("Tubby" or "Round" like old school R&B) then I would start looking for 12's or 15's. This sound is really about accentuated mids more then lows. You might want to check out some cabs from Bagend, the Peavey Pro Series, and of course Eden. Bagend makes some compact 15's that do this sound very well. The Aguilar GS212 would be another good choice (if the price allows). The Avatar B212 is going to come close but have more of a "modern" sound. I really like 12's for this type of sound BTW.
  9. Try an Eden 212 or if you want big sound from a compact speaker try a Bergantino HT 112 and add another later on down the road if necessary

  10. Robman


    Mar 19, 2004
    Sherman, Texas
    I'm using an Avatar B212 and SB115 and the tone is thick and heavy. I was shooting for a John Paul Jones type of sound. I think I'm getting pretty darn close. I also use flatwound strings - talk about THUMP, especially after 3 or 4 weeks of breaking the strings in.

    Be sure to turn the tweeters down or off on your cabs :) (I'm sure you already have)
  11. my bergantino HT-112 does thick really well, but that has been laregely source-dependent -- it puts out what you give it. you may also want to look into an HT-212, but they should be pretty rare and used only, since they're discontinued.

    i can also say that aguilar GS-112s are pretty thick, but i think they lack articulation, particularly in the area where it's most important to have thick, upright tones that are not just a boomy thud. i also did not enjoy the GS-210 i've played through. other people love them, though, and they're undeniably very thick, so they're worth a look.

    but if you're looking at something as large as a 215, you may as well consider the 412TVX. i cannot say enough about how underappreciated it is. but failing that, i prefer bergantino over aguilar.

  12. lo-freq

    lo-freq aka UFO

    Jan 19, 2003
    DFW, Texas
    Based on your comments, I'd suggest a couple of Avatar B115.
  13. Thanks to everybody for all the great food for thought. I'm gonna hit all the used gear shops in my area and play a bunch of cabs. Maybe I'll stumble onto a killer deal on one of the cabs mentioned here. If not, I'll have a better idea of what I'm going after tonewise, and will probably be better prepared to purchase something online if need be. I'll let everyone know what I ended up with.

    Since we just recently reformed the band, our next gig isn't until July. So I've got the luxury of plenty of time to look around. Thanks again.
  14. patrickj


    Aug 13, 2001
    Baltimore, MD
    Get 2 Avatar 2x12s. Or get the Aguilar 4x12.

  15. With 300W at 4 ohms I would go with a single cabinet. How about the Aggie GS212?