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  1. Mongeaux


    Apr 14, 2004
    After ordering a new bass, a Reverend, I have $500 left over and I need to get an amp. I used to have a GK 210 that was quite loud but I had to sell it a year ago due to the fact that I was unemployed at the time and needed food! Right now I am playing on a cheezy 60w Fender that sounds boxy but is 'ok' just to use for a practice amp.

    I am looking for a rig, combo or head/cab for around $500 that is still powerful enough to play the average size bar.

    I want an amp that will sound good for blues n jazz.

    Here are the amps that I have been eyeballing so far. I buy 99% of my gear from Musician's Friend and the prices I list come from there.

    #1 Ampeg B100R $499 100w w/15" driver.
    I love ampeg tone and the looks of this combo as well but I hear time and time again that its not loud enough to play in a club without having to go into PA. This makes me :bawl: as I really would like to have an ampeg.

    #2 Peavey TNT 200w w/15" driver
    I figure 200w would be plenty loud but I hear mixed reviews on the sound of this amp. Lots of reviews complain it has a loud hiiisssss.

    #3 Bheringer BX3000T Ultrabass 300W Bass Head $229
    300w! Ok, more power than I will ever need. Have seen basically good reviews. No idea what it sounds like, can I get a good blues n jazz sound out of it? Don't like Hi-Fi sounding amps.
    :meh: Can something this cheap be reliable!? I don't have the cash to buy a backup amp anytime soon.

    #4 Bheringer 4-12 cab. $279 Ultrastack BG412S 4x12 Stereo Cab with Jensen Speakers 400/w This thing doea not specify if its for bass or guitar!
    They sell another 4-12 thats specified for being for guitar. Since the one above is rated 400/w I assume its a bass cab yes?

    Assuming I went with the Bheringer what kind of cab could I get for $250? Could I get away with useing just a 15? I tend to like the deep sound of a 15 now days.

    My god, picking am amp was so much simpler when I played guitar

  2. if you want MF, don't forget the Fender bassman 100 ($500) or a used Workingmans 15. And what about the new Ashdowns? if you're considering Behringer, the overseas construction shouldn't matter, and the new MAG combos give a lot for the price, at least on paper (see link)... worth a look, they're getting good reviews.
    If you want 300w you can get a 2x10 combo for $450 and a 1x15 for less. if you can live with only 180 watts it's even cheaper (the EB series). Just a thought....

    You also might want to check samash; i recently picked up a blem Roland DB500 combo for $319 (160w 1x12) which might suit your needs if they still have any.
  3. It´s a guitar cab so forget it.
  4. Robman


    Mar 19, 2004
    Sherman, Texas
    For cabs, try Avatar....
    SB115 = $249 + $29 shipping (over your limit...)
    SB112 = $219 + $29 shipping
    B210 = $229 + $29 shipping (just $8 over...)

    Inexpensive yet quality cabs IMO.
    Check 'em out at:

    I hope this helps.
  5. MJ5150

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    Apr 12, 2001
    Lacey, WA
    Step away from MF for a sec. Pick up a Nemesis 210 combo from Eden. They can be had for $500 and under used. Although they are harder to find, they also come in a 410 config.