Help me plan my final build (pt. 2 effects)

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What sound I do?

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  1. Pitch Fork and Zoom Filter

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  2. SA Manta and Zoom for PS

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  3. SA Manta and PitchFork

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  4. EP2 and Zoom

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  5. EP2 and PitchFork

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  6. MXR and Zoom

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  7. Sit on a carrot

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  1. Lit311


    Jul 6, 2016
    Welcome to part 2 of my build. If you didn't read the 1st is a recap.
    Help me plan my final build (pt. 1 preamp/di)

    I am wanting to redo my board for a final time. Instead of trading a bunch of things around, I want to plan a long term build.

    I'm breaking this into 2 posts, this one will be about the effects. (Yes, I know pre amps and all that are technically effects.)

    My current signal chain is as follows:
    Chain- Line 6 G10>MXR Bass OD>Zoom Ms-60b>MilkBox>SA Orbital> (Digitech Obscura)> MXR M80

    I sold my MXR CC Bright bc I found that analog delays aren't my thing, and traded for a Digitech Obscura to try out. It's on it's way.

    I don't use the distortion side M80, so I have that up for sale. (See part 1).

    I use my Source Audio Orbital for a Chorus effect on 1 saved setting and Flanger on the other.

    For the Zoom, I use it for a 2 different Filter effects , and a PitchShifter...and random stuff I'll probably use just once...or never.

    I am usuing a Voodoo Pedal Power 2, with the external port used for my g10. Whatever wireless I own at the time will be taken up by this spot. I don't want to mess with daisy chaining so I have 8 spots to work with. With what I have already this leaves me two spots for effects.

    My problem is with the zoom.
    I like the filter effects that I get with it, and the PitchShifter but I want to easily transition between these sounds independently.

    I have two filter sounds set up that I is just a filter....and the other is a filter and phaser.
    Using the A,B,C, patch switching is...okay. But if I am switching between that and a clean sound, it can get messy.

    One of my 3 piece projects relies a lot on my PitchShifting quite a bit, so I need that ready to go too.

    So...I guess my issue is this. Do I get a dedicated Filter with multiple options (like the Manta?) and use the zoom for the PitchShift, or buy a Pitchfork and use the zoom as my filter? Just buy both? Or buy neither?

    I'm open to used, don't want to pay over 200. I would like a multi-filtet, but open to others.

    Filter option:
    SA Manta
    Pigtronic EP-2
    MXR Envelope Filter

    EHX PitchFork 0625192225.jpg