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Help me please...

Discussion in 'Ask Michael Dimin' started by bass__player01, Dec 15, 2002.

  1. Hi, Like everybody probably noticed, its christmas very soon, and i'm gonna receive my first bass from santa claus this year(with a little contribution from myself of course)...

    I've played guitar for about a year now, and a few more instrument before... so i've got a good knowledge of music theory... but could someone give me any tips for bass playing... or maybe suggest me a few easy song to learn?

    thank you...
  2. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    Mike might be on tour on something so I'll break forum ettiquette by jumping in before he replies.

    Tip 1 Get a teacher. If you cannot find a good one (and don't stick with one that does not improve your playing) try posting on TB for one as there are some canadian posters here.

    Tip 2 Get a practice routine. Try to do 10 minutes a day if you have family/work/stuff. Some people will tell you to practice for hours and often they are the same people with RSI or bleeding fingers. Use the lessons from Mike (Dimin's) website. THere are lesson links on Harmony Central. NB this is a temp situation until you get a teacher.

    Tip 3 Get a band or at least do some home recording using your other skills. Many players are excellent on their own in Banjo Centre, whatever but suck big time in a band situation. If you play drums record them and play to them. If you have a drum machine or loops then play to them. Listen to a lot of music and hear how they operate.

    Tip 4 Never stop pestering people for information.

    EDIT oh yeah Mike has a book Chordal Theory which is very good and he shipped it to the UK within 5 days. He's far too modest to spam it so I will.
  3. Mike Dimin

    Mike Dimin Banned

    Dec 11, 1999
    Sorry about the late reply. Been busy getting ready for the So Cal Bass Bash.

    Getting a teacher is a great idea. Getting a great start on proper technique is important. Bass can be physically demanding and learning the right way is crucial to keep from injury.

    Having a good theory background is a great start. You'll have an advantage in that you know the notes of the chords and can begin developing bass lines immediately.

    Start with songs that have some simple harmonic structure, i.e. all the I,IV,V songs and the variations thereof. There are at least a few hundred. Then take some songs that add one or two more chords like the vi or ii. You will now have a huge repertoire of songs. Transcribe other songs you like and analyze them against the harmony. Find the techniques that bass players use to create bass lines over certain harmonies.

    I would agree with Chris, get into a band, jam with other musicians, be open to all styles and genres. Listen, listen listen

    Most importnatly, keep it fun

    Hope I could be of some help
  4. well... thanks a lot to both of you... i think it'll help...

    i'm so happy i'm gonna receive my base next monday :D!!!

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