Help me power my pedalboard!

Discussion in 'Effects [BG]' started by biggs1249, Aug 1, 2009.

  1. So using all these wall warts is a mess. I have been looking at the pedal power 2 and the Burkey Flatliner power. Does anyone know how I can power most of these with a power supply?

    this is what I got:

    Regular 9v
    Morley little Alligator - 9v dc
    Sansamp Bass D.I. - 9v DC
    double looper - 9v DC
    DLS Echotap - 9v DC
    Bomber Box fuzz - 9v DC (maybe use dying battery output)
    9v high current
    Boss RC20XL - 9v DC 120 ma
    Moog Ring mod - 9v DC 300ma (center postive)
    Moog Lowpass - 9v DC 200ma (center positive)
    9v AC
    Digitech Whammy - 9v AC 1300ma
    Digitech HM - 9v AC 1300ma
    24v DC
    EHX BMS - 24v DC 100ma

    Also I forgot to mention:
    right now I am powering most of the 9vDC pedals with a onespot adapter with out problems. so really i'm looking for a way to power as many of these five pedals: the Moogs, the BMS, and both digitech pedals, as possible.
  2. looking at the modtone powerplant. Anyone have an experience with these? I haven't been able to find reviews.