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    Greetings. I'm looking for some pedalboard advice. Specifically:

    What's my best option for setting up 2 expression pedals + 1 volume pedal with this setup? Is there a way to pull it off without going to a bigger board? (I just finished a 6-month experiment with a Line 6 HX effects, which isn't for me in the end).

    Here's a plan for my board at the moment:

    HPFpre (not pictured) --> Smoothie --> MicroPOG --> Wood Chipper --> Blower Box or Aftershock depending on mood --> BB Bass Pre --> Xerograph Deluxe* --> H9.

    * May replace with a Source Audio C4. Would love to replace with my Moog MF101 but it's just. so. big.

    I want to add an ES-5, which would be used for everything except the Eventide, the Smoothie, and the HPFpre

    I use this for bass, and for touch guitar, which is an instrument that goes from low Bb to high D of a guitar. I play into an amp and at gigs also use a VTDI for FOH.

    I am thinking I'll put the volume after the compressor. Then I can also use it to modulate drive. I am also wanting to add a Boss ES-5 for switching, and to have expression control of the filter and H9. So theoretically I could go into the Boss and then out into the H9 and the Filter and it could be per patch, though there are occasions where I would want to control both at once. Ideas?

    Here's a pic of a potential layout on my Pedaltrain 2. I'd rather not buy a bigger board, though I suppose I could. Oh, and I have wide feet and kind of poopy balance because of drugs I'm on, so those super mini volume and expression pedals are probably out.

    Suggestions appreciated. The Xero is in drag as an RC booster (no Iron Ether on pedalboard planner), and the Ernie ball is just for size. I haven't decided on a volume pedal yet. Happy to answer questions about any of my pedals as well.

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    The Expressionator can solve this problem via a single box. You can use it for up to 3 different pedals and set for individual or simultaneous control. I believe you could also use the expression pedal as just a volume pedal as well. Unless you need the ES-5 for something else, you could get a smaller MIDI control or loop switcher and you should still have plenty of room. If you ditch the ES-5/switcher completely there's more than enough space for the expressionator, a dedicated expression pedal for that, and a dedicated volume pedal.
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    The boss multi is too wide, even if you move the H9 up you won't have enough room for the additional expression pedals (unless you can finagle minis or a multi exp as suggested). I would just take a separate small slab of particle board or something to mount all three exp pedals as a floating module off of the main board (like Adrian Belew's electronic guitar setup).
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