Help me set me EQ on my Ibanez

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  1. Mud

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    Aug 19, 2001
    I purchased an SR990 4 string. It is a custom built, but the EQ is just like the 800 model. My problem is adjusting the EQ so I have a nice low tone but yet good highs. My mid or highs are to scratchy or twangy, and my E low over-rides my highs.
    The set up is as follows:

    Master Volume- 100%
    Pick Up Balancer- Middle (50%) P & J Pick Ups
    Top Teble Boost/Cut- 75%
    Bottom Bass Boost- 80%
    Top Mid Rande Boost Cut- 83%
    Bottom mid Range Frequency-55%

    Please help if you have your EQ set different so I can get a Jazz sound & Funk with out adjusting to much.
  2. you might want to try to start in neutral position with the EQ, and boost/cut only a LITTLE ( say like < 30 % ), and do the rest of the EQ'ing on the AMP..

    if you balance a little towards the back-pickup, you get some more highs and mids too..
  3. Chris J

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    My advice is not to boost everything. IME, boosting this and cutting that (only by a little bit) and then adjusting the pups to compensate should do the trick. AllodoX is right though.