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Help me sort out my GAS...

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Insederec, Sep 12, 2017.

  1. I've been having a bad case of GAS lately and my doctor said to stop eating so much mexican food.
    But I don't see how that has anything to do with basses, so let me ask you kind folks.
    I'm looking for a bit of a growler, a fretted 5er. I've got a 4 string fretted and a 4 and a 5 string fretless, and I love all of them, but they're missing a certain spiciness I've been craving since I was a fledgling 4-string player. Ever since I heard Tool way back when I admired that growly, chugging tone Chancellor has. Now I hear it everywhere; Yes with the Ricky, Pantera with the Spector... Obviously none of those basses are going to be in my price range, at least for the next decade of my life, so I'm looking more along the sub $800, used range.
    Some likely candidates include (all 5 string variants):
    • Warwick Rockbass Double Buck (I got to try one of these out, and I'm 100% on board, but open to others since it's a little bit hard to find them used for a good price right now)
    • Peavey Cirrus (BXP or not, unsure if it matters but BXP seems to be way cheaper)
    • Peavey TL-Five
    Anybody find any others that fit the bill, or one of the ones above? Or do you know any way I can find some of these basses to try out?
  2. Crusher47

    Crusher47 Tattoo'ed Freak Supporting Member

    Apr 12, 2014
    Fort Worth, TX
    Warwick would be easier to find over the Peavey I think. I'm a huge Warwick fan so I would lean that way but also look into some Ibanez 5 stringers as well
  3. I found way more of those two Peaveys than that specific Warwick on craigslist, ebay and guitar center's website. But maybe that's just that there's some random wave of Peaveys right now. As far as Ibanez, I've had one in the past and I was far less than impressed. But that could have been because it was a $200 2006 model. But it was terribly set up, and I had to do a shim on the bridge and it just sounded dead no matter what settings I put it on or what strings I had on it. Nothing I've found at the store has been particularly impressive, especially for the prices I saw them at.
  4. Brendan

    Brendan Supporting Member

    Jun 18, 2000
    Austin, TX
    Since you're looking for a Wal tone, go for the Double $$, and throw in Big BladeMan 5.
  5. Maxdusty


    Mar 9, 2012
    Michigan USA
    From your list, the growler's the Warwick Rockbass. While the Rockbass is the budget variant, it still has enough qualities to make it the growler Warwicks are known to be. I would get the one with the two piece bridge and just the "w" on the headstock, not the older Rockbass models with the one piece and "Rockbass" on the headstock. Reason being the more recent ones are much better than the older ones, the adjustable bridge and nut for example.
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  6. I love that idea, but it's too bad I can't find any demos.
  7. Skybone


    Jun 20, 2016
    What amp & effects are you using, cos surely, they'll have a big influence on your sound (possibly more so than the actual bass itself)?

    If you don't have a fretted 5, then get whichever one feels and sounds the best to you. If you can try it out with your rig before laying out for it, even better.
  8. I uh... kind of don't have any? I am not and have never been in a band so I'm really playing mostly for my own enjoyment. But, technically speaking I have a Roland cube 30 but I just set everything flat.
    And in any case I don't have space for an amp anyway.
    Last edited: Sep 14, 2017
  9. Skybone


    Jun 20, 2016
    IMO, the "sound" of your bass, especially if you're trying to emulate someone else's sound, depends on what you plug your bass into and how you play the bass.

    Maybe look at getting an amp modeler / multi-fx unit (like the Zoom B3 or B3n, Boss GT-1B, or even the Line6 various PODs XT, X3, HD, etc - with the Bass Pack's), you can play with different amps, cabs, effects, and all the settings to try and achieve the sounds you want.

    I'm not trying to dissuade you buying another bass, but maybe you need to step back and look at the issue from a different angle.
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  10. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    You couldnt go wrong with a Peavey TL-5. I have had my Peavey DynaBass 5 for 26 years and I own a Ric 4003 and MM5 but my DynaBass 5 is my main workhorse. Good Luck.
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  11. Can I ask why you chose it as your workhorse?
  12. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    It has the punch and tonal variety to sound like a Ric or MM. The Dyna really rocks and it has a beautiful fingerboard. I consider it the best bass guitar I have ever owned for sound and playability and Ive had them all in a 50 year playing career. HER NAME IS LUCY AND SHE GROWLS.
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2017
  13. skwee


    Apr 2, 2010
    I really miss my old '88 Dyna. It was a very versatile instrument that I'm sad that I sold. Today I've got a Fender Jag that has the same capabilities, but I wouldn't mind finding that old model sometime.
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  14. s-l1600.jpg
    Early 90s TL-Five $550 (edit: marked down to $511.49), $60 shipped. Some fretwear on the first 10 frets, and either a chip or a dent in the back of the neck where the wood peeks through not blue. Not sure if that means the blue is just a transparent paint or what but I don't know how much that matters to me anyway. Asked for more details and pictures. (edit: never received details from the seller)

    Last edited: Sep 19, 2017
  15. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    It looks tempting..i for one would certainly want more info but its very pretty...best of luck...i'm jealous loll
  16. There are many more pictures besides this one so I don't feel like I'm going in completely blind, but yeah, me too. Hopefully the fretwear isn't too bad. Never had to deal with that problem before.
  17. I caved!
    I'm a bit worried about those frets, but I figured that it's in beautiful shape otherwise and I'm not going to see this one again, not for a while, and definitely not in that beautiful blue color. Even if I have to wait a long while to be able to afford a fret job, it's worth it.
  18. Giffro


    Apr 29, 2017
    South Australia
    Let us know how it is once you have tried her out. It looks worth it to me too..I hope she sounds great. Good luck with it Insederec. I know with my Dyna Bass the gold on the tuners have tarnished over the 26 years but I guess thats to be expected..probably you may find that issue too but its only minor cosmetic.
  19. Justin chancellors tone imo is much more about new roundwounds strings, his pedalboard and dual amp (one clean, one dirty) than the Wal.
  20. Well, here it is.
    And look at this figuring

    On the subject of growl, as soon as I (actually swapped with my Warmoth since I bought a set and can't use them, details in another thread of mine. But it seems like it was meant to be. Now the fretless has flats and this one has some bright and fresh new rounds) replaced the included flats with DR high beams... Yeah, it's got what I wanted. Maybe not Warwick style, but it's got its own flavor and I dig the heck out of it.

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