Help me tame my mids!

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  1. So I'm having a bit of trouble getting my rig to not honk so much. I'm running an AG500 into a GS410 with a P Bass. As you can see, all mids. The High and Low mids don't seem to make a difference when cut. I'm running the tweeter off and I'm still experiencing some honkyness. Is there something I'm missing? Any ideas or solutions to calm this midrange beast down? I like the tone of the amp, but I could use a little less in your face midness.

  2. Sounds like a P-bass and a 4x10 isn't for you. I am surprised the 800hz filter isn't getting the job done. I would experiment with strings. I recommend DR Low Rider Stainless.
  3. Yes. I was going to look into some different strings. Actually, the P Bass and 410 works for me. I like the overall tone I'm getting from this setup, I'm just looking for a little more control. Thanks.
  4. angrydad


    Jul 31, 2004
    Try bleeding a little of the tweeter in. This will "open" up the high mids a bit and perhaps your ears won't focus so much on the mids (?).
    When i play fretless gigs, I turn the tweeter way down ( some manufacturers caution against turning it completely off...heat build up or something...I'm no tech) and I get a nice mid tone for bridge pickup work. Without changing amp or bass setting, I find that introducing more tweeter lessens the mid emphasis, giving a softer, almost "scooped" sound. Good luck.