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    Jun 8, 2003
    a local band here is having a contest. all of the following are parts of their songs and they all have one meaning. whoever gets the answer right first and emails them, win a bunch of stuff. so help me win and tell me what you think they might mean.. oh.. and they said the answer might be obvious, but you ned to be specific or whateevr.. here are the parts from the songs

    im no stranger to the bottle.. but its you who introduced us

    i wear this noose like a necklace- so proud and so fashionable

    how ironic.. we started out lush an i ended a lush

    if im going to go, ill go holding my own hand.. cos if i was holding yours, id be holding onto nothing, and i cant do that anymore, no more nights of sleeping on the floor.. i cant rely on hte bottle, i know its no magic potion.. but my body doesnt. sometimes i have to think about if the answer to life and all of its problems can be drunk.. i know that it cant, but maybe i can trick myself into beliving that.. but do i want that? theres really no reason for me to go or stay.. i dont want to have to lie.. but living is just getting by.. theres no sense in confusion.. just follow the illusion.. that you have to be over 21 to purchase happiness.. some things cant be found in an aisle at the grocery store..

    theres no pain in death,only death in pain

    ok there they all are.. oh and im suppsoed to put this at the botom of it

    all lyrics copywritten by blake stewart and landon baker (c) 2002. published by azmyth music industries tm.
  2. uuh, well guessin here... "Im no stranger to the bottle..." prolly about an alcoholic who was introduced to alcohol by the person he is referring too. thats all i can think of at the moment (my brain is fried, my friend and i moved 10.9 tons of gravel and 12000+ pounds of cinder block in 2 days using shovels and wheelbarrows)
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    Jun 8, 2003
    hmmm.. bump
  4. the overlooked

    the overlooked Guest

    Jun 8, 2003
    their songwriter.. fromn what i understand, is an alcoholic.. so you tihnkm yabe hes trying to tell kids to not make the same mistakes he did?
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    Jul 1, 2003
    shelby, oh
    hey, i'm not positive but i'm sure i'll look at it more. the one thing i don't agree with is that "there's no pain in death only death in pain" is giberrish. ther is no pain in death- if he dies, the pain goes away; only death in pain-i think most of his lyrics are about someone(probably a woman)so 1 person can hurt you so much that something inside of you dies. i'm no stranger to the bottle..but it's you who intriduced us-he has been drinking for a while now but he feels that it's this person who drove him to it. i wear this noose like a necklace-so proud and fashionable-he probably thinks he really loves this person, but the relationship is strangling him or killing him, something along those lines. ironic..we started out lush and i ended a lush-they started out good together,completely into each other,but things went wrong now he's a lush to the bottle. now the long one-once again, there's nothing between them anymore. he's hoping to drink the problem away. the hole thing has basically become routine, there has been given no extreme reason to leave, but no reason to stay either. when he's drunk, he's relaxed, a chance to forget about it for a while. but no matter how much he drinks, he still needs something more. this verse is the most confusing to me. i've read it a couple of times and i can't get a firm grasp on it. he might be talking about killing himself in this one, but i'm not sure. basically he just can't take living like that anymore. that's all i got for now. i'm really interested in hearing your opinion, and maybe trying to crack this thing together. feel free to email me at [email protected] hope this helps.
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    Jun 8, 2003
    thanks man.. i just shot you an email. bump