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    Hi, I've been scouring the internet and can't find the diagram form my needs. Here's the layout:

    5 faceplate holes, 4 lg for pots and 1 sm for mini switch.
    Jack hole is on edge mounted.
    My pickups are passive Bill Lawrence P46/J45 matched set.

    I would LIKE to have V-V-T-T Series/Parallel with the on/on switch. It does'nt need to have 2 tones but I'm trying to fill all the holes. I can also just put a side plate on it and use one front hole for the jack- but that may interfere with the mini switch.

    Also, should I series/parallel just the Precision or series/parallel the 2 pickups? I have it wired like Bill's blend pot diagram, but it lacks mids that way.


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  3. 3396717411_1cf48994f4_o.
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    so run the P singles in series, then use the group P+-?

    The tone go to ground (case)?
  5. Split coil P pickups are almost always wired for series coils. Parallel will not yield good results.

    All pots must be grounded.
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    OK Thanks. I'm trying to re draw it with the pots/switch oriented to my config.
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    Got it wired. It's working- Kinda. I have to take it apart and re trace.