Help me wire up my Nordstrand MM4.2, please?

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  1. Just received my new MM4.2 today and am planning to wire it up with a three way switch to access either parallel/single coil/series modes (if that is possible with this pickup?), or in off/parallel/series mode (which should certainly be possible).

    My problem is that the wiring instructions only cover the series or parallel or single coils options, without mentioning switching. The original EBMM pickup in my bass was replaced with a Delano MC4HE pickup, which has 4 separate coils and is currently wired parallel/s-c/series. However, that pickup came with a wiring diagram for a 3 way, "ON/ON/ON" (Double Pole/Double Throw) switch, which is what is currently fitted to the bass.

    Unfortunatley, the wiring instructions for the single coil mode in the Nordstrands' instructions, are not comparable to those in the Delanos'. Matters are further complicated by different colourschemes chosen for the wiring on these two pickups (although that shoud only be a minor problem).

    So, I was hoping that if I was to publish the wiring details for eack pickup, one of you good people might be able to help me figure out a how to connect the MM4.2 to the exisiting 3 way switch! What do you think :meh: ?

    Here is the only information that is supplied with the Nordstrand:


    Hot = Red + Black
    Ground = White + Green

    Hot = Black
    Ground = Green + Sheild wire (tape off Red + White)

    Single Coil:
    Connect Red + White to Ground for rear coil.
    Connect Red + WHite to Hot for front coil.

    The wiring diagram for the Delano and the diagram for wiring to a 3 way switch are all here:

    As you can see, I'm no genius when it comes to the electronics side of musical instruments, but in my defence :smug: , I did search long and hard on this forum to see if anyone else had asked the question. All I could find was the thread below, which only covers basic wiring of the MM4.2 and doesn't get into switching.

    I really hope that someone can find time to read all of this and help me out. I promise you; It will be appreciated!

  2. Please wait for someone else to confirm this, im pretty sure its right, but im not 100%


    series/single coil/parallel

    This should be the front coil that is used in single coil mode.

    Hope thats right and it helps :)

  3. Will, if it's right ... it helps :D !!!

    I'll see if I can PM Carey (he makes these pickups, btw ;) ) and see if he can confirm this.

    Thanks for taking the trouble to "MS Paint" the diagram for me, as well :) .

    I'm not very patient when I have a hot soldering iron in my hands and don't really know where I'm supposed be soldering things to! You may have just saved me (or my bass) from a nasty scar :D .


  4. Well, thanks to a link that Carey sent me, I was able to wire up the pickup just as I wanted it (after few minor soldering difficulties :rolleyes: ).

    Here it is, for the benefit of anyone else who has the same problem in the future:


    BTW, I went for the top option, in order to use the "neck" coil, rather than the "bridge" coil, when in single-coil mode. With my previous pickup, I did the opposite and the result was a sound that was to compressed and distorted, particularly on the higher strings (IMHO).

    Hope this helps.

    Thanks again to Will and to Carey for their efforts :D .
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  5. Guess i sodded up eh! Right idea, wrong wires :p

    Glad you got it sorted :)

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