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  1. so I’m in a new band. We’ve written and recorded a couple rough instrumental demos of a couple songs and have a recently acquired a singer and are slowly but surely working towards getting this band gigging and recording the first album. We’re into angels and somewhat religious stuff. 3 out of 5 members(myself, drummer, and rhythm guitarist) were in my previous band Nephilym which has Christian roots. We also happen to all be into video games and would like something gamers would get a kick out of. So I’m looking for ideas so when the time comes to decide, which I suspect will be in the next month or so because we’re getting to the point where it won’t be too long before we have enough material to start really promoting the band.
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    Just checking, you did know about this band, right?

    They were kind of a big deal in the UK in the 80's.
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  4. Yep, I’ve heard of them. I was in the band Nephilym for almost 20 years. Never had a single issue with using the name other than a another local band from about two hours away in the same state using the same name different spelling that got in a fight at a club which we found out about when we tried to book a gig at that club lol. Luckily they were one of the many bands that didn’t stay together very long. Fields of the Nephilym never once contacted us about the name.
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    • Pixelated Prophet – Yeah, there is a Grateful Dead tune called "Estimated Prophet" (1977), but you're certainly not a Dead cover band.
    • Arclight – Sort of a blend of archangel and the light of heaven, or the blinding light produced by a strong electrical arc. This term has been used before in different contexts – some positive, some negative – but to the best of my recollection, not as a band name.
    • Quinque – "Five" in Latin. After all, you're a quintet. And a recent study by the Entertainment Software Association claims that gamers are 5% more likely to play a musical instrument (32%) than the average American (27%). Of course, the pentagram has lots of religious connotations. If there are reservations about a possible mispronunciation as "Kinky," combine Quin with Arcade to get "Quincade."
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    Since I've never been able to convince any band I've been in to use it...Wanderlust. I've wanted to use it since the early 90's, & also suffer from (enjoy, actually) a MAJOR case of it at all times. Thank God for motorcycles...
  12. Super Mario Bros. :bag:
  13. Atori...
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    What kind of music?

    I'm a one liner freaking mad man! Give me a genre, I'm on it
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    Better yet, give me a song.
  16. I’d call it metalcore personally
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  19. Update Horadrim _______ is being kicked around. One of our guitarist suggested “Horadrim Theory”. Horadrim is a Diablo reference so it a bit of a nod to gamers which are part of our target audience. In the Diablo game it’s a brotherhood of mages formed by archangel Tyrael to combat the three prime
    Evils. We quickly agreed that Horadrim starting with an H followed by “theory” immediately made us think of “hybrid theory” the debut album by linkin Park. So “Theory” is not gonna work but perhaps something similar.
  20. Grace Invaders
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