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  1. ok i was talking to Allodox this morning and i noticed that there are alot of little divits in my fretbored. He told me i should oil it down with lemon oil. My father has never had to do this with his guitar. i just got the bass a couple of months ago. my i remind you that they are ALL OVER the fretbored. from the first to the last fret. heck they were there when i got it! If i do need to oil it how should i do it?

    Edit: it's a rosewood fretbored
  2. oy.. it was afternoon over here :)
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    Jul 11, 2001
    You can also buy a Fingerboard Oil in small bottles at guitar stores, but Lemon Oil is a main ingredient. I think they choose lemon because it's acidic and doesn't promote bacterial growth and mold.

    Rosewood can dry out a bit; I find it looks a lot nicer when kept happy with oil. The most common these days is Indian Rosewood, where it is grown in rows between the tea plants to provide shade; the tea planst have about a 40 year lifespand and they harvest the rosewood at the same time.
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    So if i get just lemon oil from a friend who does massage, she says she has some, then that'd be fine?

    Saves cutting down a new fretboard from along side the tea plants. :rolleyes: