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    Mar 9, 2002
    I have just started playing bass and i have been looking on this great website and i noticed sum people r talking about slap and pop techniques or sumthing like that and i was wondering what it is?????:confused:
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    The best way to understand slap and pop technique is to see someone doing, (besides learning for yourself). It started as a style of funk bass.

    If you can see any video of, or hear recordings by, Marcus Miller, Mark King, Victor Wooten, or Stu Hamm, those are a few of the great slap n' poppers for starters.

    Larry Graham is the founding father of slap technique, a percussive, right hand technique where the thumb attacks the string like a drumstick strikes a drum head. If you've ever seen footage of Flea where his extended thumb is flailing away at the strings - that's slapping.

    Pops traditionally alternate with thumb slaps. It involves sort of hooking a right finger, usually the index, under a string and snapping it so that it "pops" against the fretboard.

    There are instructional videos for the techniques. And places like have online lessons at no charge for them.

    As a beginner, I wouldn't try to get these techniques down yet. They're advanced techniques and require knowing how to have your bass's action properly set up. But eventually you'll find they're considered essential.