Help, my pickups are stuck!

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  1. 1lovewizard


    Mar 4, 2018
    Hey all,

    I''ve got this really weird problem with this bass guitar I'm trying to fix up again.

    The pickups were stuck... I've managed to get one out of the body with a pipe wrench and some luck, but the other one won't budge.

    So basically I think what happened is that the bass was made in a warmer climate where the pickup cuttings may have been wide enough, and that the wood has shrunk in my climate. The pickup hole is maybe a millimeter or less too short in length.

    I do want to replace these pickups, so I don't mind destroying them. They are not the most interesting pickups in the world. I've just got this idea of maybe drilling a few holes through the corners or something so that I can wrap some wire through it and connect it to some leverage.

    I will probably need to cut out the sides a little bit because the pickups seem to be the right size as other similar pickups.

    Do you guys have any great idea's to get this pickup out of my bass without damaging the body?
  2. Run an razor knife down the sides to break the paint sticking or other swelling issues. Take your time and you shouldn’t cause much damage to either bass or pickup
  3. 1lovewizard


    Mar 4, 2018
    It was kind of impossible to get the razor in between the wood and the pickup. Maybe it wouldn't have been an issue to have cut the wood but I didn't have the guts to.

    I have good news though. With the help of a tool i don't know the name of and the muscles of my father-in-law, we got it out! I sanded the sides of the pups so that it now can go in freely.

    I still am afraid that new pickups might not fit in, but at least I can now postpone that buy a little bit and use my old pickups.
    Maybe I'll widen the pickup holes with the razor.
  4. mbene085


    Feb 24, 2018
    Sandpaper or a file would be a much more controllable and less injury-prone way to slightly widen a pickup rout in a controllable fashion than a razordblade.
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