Help! Need 15" speaker advice for Monster cabinet!

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  1. Hey everyone,

    So I have this vintage rickenbacker cabinet that measures 43"Tall x 33"Wide x 18" Deep... that should make it 14.78 cubic feet (correct me if I'm wrong)?

    I'm looking at building a new baffle for the cabinet and loading some new speakers into it. My goal is to have (probably) 4 15" speakers in it, and make it a mono/stereo cabinet, so that I can run 2 amps into 2 speakers each if I'd like.

    The amps I'll want to use with the cabinet are a peavey classic 400, Ampeg V9, traynor YBA200, and Rickenbacker B115 (120W tube) so the speakers I'm looking for need to handle a ton of volume, and I won't be using a super hifi clean amp with them, so I need to be able to run some distortion into them and have them not blow up.

    Ideally, I'd love 4 JBL E-140's, and I'd call it a day.. but I have a few really heavy cabs already (a couple 2x15's and another 4x15) and I'm not sure I want a 3rd.... I'd rather something a little lighter, and a little more usable.

    Question is: What 15" speakers will be able to handle the thunder (2 speakers need to handle a Peavey Classic 400 with ease) that don't weight a ton (something neodynium?), and will have that vintage, dirty midrange, while still tons of bottom end?

    I don't mind any suggestions you might have, even speaker configuration (if you think a bunch of 12's would work better).

  2. Is it a closed cabinet?
  3. Yes, No front porting, closed back.
  4. Then i think you can put in 4 Eminence delta 15 LF speakers. Just make sure the cab can handle the sound pressure...
  5. rpsands


    Jul 6, 2007
    Comes out closer to 11 cubic feet internal by my numbers including driver displacement.

    At that size I'm thinking your usable baffle space is about 41 x 31 if there is no shelf port used.

    In that, I would do this:
    A pair of 3015LFs vertical on the left side, taking up around 32" tall by 20" wide on your baffle, in a separate ported enclosure (nets you around 7 cubic feet internal). Make this chamber go all the way up, for a total of around 13,000 cubic inches (a bit over 7 cubic feet).

    Then, on the right side, use four 10" guitar speakers vertically aligned. That'll be tight, but I think you would have the space.

    Then get yourself a 500hz or lower crossover, like a Peavey ECX3 or so. You might be able to use a 250hz crossover down :)

    That's a bit of a frankenstein idea, eh. I'd bet it would sound crazy vintage though.
  6. If you make it a 4x15 make sure you wire them series-parallel for total 8 ohm impedance.
    Otherwise you wind up with either a 2 or 32 ohm total impedance.