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HELP, need a 5 string Frettless, Jazz Bass, pulling out frets

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by StringThing, Mar 4, 2008.

  1. StringThing


    Dec 6, 2007
    San Diego
    Ok, so after spending thousands on 2 Warwick 4 strings, I threw a BEAD set on my old Aria Pro II (Cliff B) Damn. Now I need Fives all around.

    Got an American Jazz V Fretted as may main bass and started groovin' on the Fender thing. I saw a vintage modified Squire. $120 on Craigslist, who wouldn't! Dug it so much I bought a VM frettless. It is sweet! But, I need 5 strings and fretless so...

    Do I get a Squire Active V and yank the frets?
    Pros: Ebanol fretboard are sweet (if they last), Super low price, Active pickups might cut it.
    Cons: Squire? Basswood body (or a pro, the Agthsis wood doesn't sound bad, in fact it's good on the VM Squire fretless, but not Ash or Adler great)

    Do I get a Fender Active V 24 and yank Frets?
    Pros: 24 frets, pretty bass, though not classic, affordable, Active pickups might cut it.
    Cons: Why don't they make a fretless V!?

    Do I get a Standard Jazz V and yank Frets:
    Pros: Classic Jazz, if I wanted to upgrade PUs I would have a good starting point.
    Cons: Rosewood fretboard wear?

    And now to the question of Fret-pulling. My Warwick were unlined, and honestly the lines are very helpfully for chord past the 12th fret. Live I'm apprehensive with the unlined. Not all the time, but if it's just once, advantage lined neck. Ego may that a hit but hey, Jaco had lines, and he admitted to needing and liking them. So pulling the frets seems reaseanable. Would I need to file the nut a bit? adding a proper colored filler, to suit contrast and sublty. And if i varished, would the wear decrease and capture the "ebanol" sound? Downside is that this would be a one-way trip with no returns. I should eBay or Craigs list my pick then I suppose. Unless there is a Blem or 2nds shop I don't know about.

    Anyhow, everyone on this forum has been incredibly helpful before so please, any experiences you have had pulling frets, or opinions, please advise. Just looking for a gigging solid, dependable 5 Fretless, and the VM squires showed me that cheap, in an upgradble platform like a Jazz, can indeed work. But my American 5 is better, just can't afford, especially to do minor surgery on.

    THANKS!!! Dave

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