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Help needed for Bachelor Jury!

Discussion in 'Ask the Berklee Bass Department' started by basslinesorense, Jan 23, 2014.

  1. basslinesorense


    Jan 23, 2014
    Hello There! Im Line, I'm studying a bachelor in bass performance at Musicians Institute in Hollywood. My sophomore jury is coming up, for my solo piece i have chosen "The Lesson" with Victor Wooten. i CANNOT find the chart a n y w h e r e! Anyone of you, who know where i should continue my search? Im was at that point where i opened up an account in here, to search for help amongst fellow bass players!!
    Thanks in Advance!!
    Line S AKA. Bassline :bassist:
  2. Ed Fuqua

    Ed Fuqua

    Dec 13, 1999
    Chuck Sher publishes my book, WALKING BASSICS:The Fundamentals of Jazz Bass Playing.
    Transcribe it. If your ears aren't to the point that you can pull this off the recording yourself, maybe it's not the best choice for a piece to perform for a jury.

    Sorry to bogart, but....