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Help needed re power amp confusion

Discussion in 'Amps and Cabs [BG]' started by cam1, Oct 2, 2005.

  1. cam1


    Mar 4, 2005
    Ive got an 8 ohm g3 cab which I love. Its loud, small, tight and punchy on the low b. I'm driving it with a recently purchased soundtech ps802 power amp bridged at 8ohms. When (if) we play bigger venues I would like to hire another g3 cab to stack on top for the look and the volume.
    I'm concerned that the ps802 wont have the balls to drive 2 cabs.
    Should i get a cheap light power amp i could use to drive the second g3? Any recomendations?
    Will the ps802 do the job? (havent tested it yet)
    Is a stereo power amp 2 separate amps? IE: Can I run 400 watts from ch 1 into 2 8ohm cabs, and 400 watts from ch2 into a 4ohm cab? (3 cabs total)
    When an amp is rated at 400watts at 4 ohms, if you connect two 8 ohm cabs do they get 400watts each or share the 400 (200each).
  2. You can't run the ps802 bridged at 4 ohms, so you can't just add another speaker to your current rig while you're in bridge mode. Currently you're getting 800w into your 8 ohm load. A stereo amp IS 2 seperate amps, so you could run both g3's off one channel (4 ohm load total) to get 400w, and a 4 ohm cab in the 2nd channel would get 400w out of that channel as well. The 400w@4 ohms is total watts, so each 8 ohm cab would get 200 watts, since both 8 ohm cabs share equally when connected in parallel.

  3. cam1


    Mar 4, 2005
    Thanks Randy - it sound like i should get an extra power amp to drive the second cab properly - I might be able to hire one with the cab
  4. Yup, there's some benefit to running 3 cabs with 800 w compared to just the one cab with 800w you've got now. But for my money, I'm not going to rob power from one cab to add another. To make significant diff, I'd add more power and more cabs. No point going to all that trouble for just a subtle improvement.