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Help needed!

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by spikez, Sep 9, 2005.

  1. spikez


    Jun 26, 2005
    Hi there guys and girls!
    It´s my first post and I would like to apoligize(sp) about my bad english, I hope I can express myself in a way you understand me.

    I play for about one year on a yamaha rbx 374 and I more or less happy with it, but I would like to take a step forward and move on to a 5 string.

    This is where all the trouble start. I want a 5 string with a fast neck and nice playability but it can not be something to expensive. I thought I could buy a more or less good bass with those caracteristics and then upgrade the eletronics over time.

    I play in a band, and we play metallica, moon spell nirvana and that sort of stuff, but I don´t want to get an instrument that only permits me to get that kind of sound, I´m interested in slap & pop; taping and I wish to became a good improvisor in some sort of jazz band.

    I know it maybe be a stupid request, you know, no €€, no good instrument, but I leave this here, maybe someone as a good tip or two.

    Thanks in advance and congratulations to all of you, I have learned a lot since I discovered this forum (5 or 6 months).
  2. Youve done well answering all of our usual questions except...

    How much exactly are you looking at spending on a new bass?

    The usual recommendation for 5 strings is Laklands, Musicmans, Fenders, Peaveys, and Spectors. It depends on what kind of necks, string spacing and money looking to do.
  3. spikez


    Jun 26, 2005
    Well, I don´t want (read: can´t...) spend more than 500€ on the bass.

    I spend the last night searching for something and after I read a topic about the yamaha bb415, I was curious about that specific bass and the active model, the bb615, and the happy thing is that the price doesn´t goes past my small buget.

    I searched for reviews about both those basses and think it would be a good buy, but, I now fear something, the neck widdness(I can´t spell it, sorry...). I want a thin neck.

    Thanks in advance for all the reply´s. Peace.
  4. If you mean thin neck as in front to back, take a look at the Ibanez SR series 5 strings. They have the thinnest necks Ive played on a 5 string so far. If you dont mind something a little more expensive, with a little bit wider neck, take a look at a Lakland 55-01. They are less than $700 new in the US, dont know what that converts to for you though. The Lakland is a very fine instrument for the money, played one last month and nearly bought it on the spot, not having ever played one before.

    The Yamahas, Ive heard here on TB, are quite nice basses for the money as well. Youll have to wait for someone who has played one to tell about the neck thickness, as Ive never played one.