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Help!! New bass for 2000-2750 dollars

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Langueta, Sep 15, 2008.

  1. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Was thinking of buying one of these: Peavey Cirrus 5 Tigereye, Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East or Yamaha TRB5PII 5-Neck-Thru...(NOW, i AM CONFUSED. really don´t know...they are tons of possibilities)

    I love god Jaco, why not bringing an american jazz bass an anothe bass at the midle price range!!!whoo,could be another possibility (only if you say basses at middle price range-1000-1500) can beat one of 2500-2750....

    Give any personal opinions and thoughts or recomendations... terms of construction, playability, appearance, sound, value , versatility....

    The 3 I said before where my first possibilities they are 3 wonderfull instruments....every recording I heard with these sounded great
    I will give more information so it is more clear.....I need to buy the bass or basses new, cause it is safer because my uncle will buy the instrument in Miami....(I live in Argentina so I can´t try it). In Argenitna we are not very well stocked and we can find some good quality basses like fender jazz bass mia, precision MIA, a used musicman, and almost all the models of warwick. However if I buy in Argentina I have to pay twice the price than in America.
    I have and ergodyne edc 705 and a fender jazz bass fretless made in Mexico. I think it´s time to move to something better..Some of my influences are jaco, nathan, john deacon, richard bona, abe laboriel, louis johnson, james jamerson...
    need a thick sound and the highs you can hear in songs like for example don´t stop me know, or what it takes of aerosmith.A Warm, thick and perhaps punchy sound (for rock and funk, or slap), very melodic (almost piano like)....
    Refering to why I am bethwen these brands
    Right now I will play in a smoth jazz band, similar to larry carlton lee ritenour....
    here yopu can listen some of the material
    that´s why I began listening to abraham laboriel, and love his tone....then I heard him playing a yamaha trb playing live...I felt it was the bass for me, in terms of melodic sound, slap sound, and I think it is a good bass not wide nor to narrow for slapping in a 5 string bass..
    I always loved nathan east sound...like this version of old love ..
    Both are very smoth and melodic, with a fat and clean sound...I need versatility beacause I am on my way to work as a session bass player...
    The peavey cirrus I heard Toto and very clean sound also....I read here that it has fast playability and a very versatile sound...
    Anyway I am open to take other recomendations so the bass I choose its is the perfect bass for me (now I have the oportunity to buy the bass in the us, pehaps I will have to wait years to have another opportunity)
    Take in account I need tight spacing but one that makes possible to slap confortable...(18 mm would be okay)
    I will buy a gallien krueger 800 rb bass head and a peavey 4x10 cab..
    So to conclude the bass I need is the bass I will play all my life....any type of music (but mainly in a jazz context ), and new
    I expect this information helps...
  2. cmewhinney


    Jul 11, 2008
    Concord, NH
    I don't know what your time frame is, but for $2000-2750 Chris Stambaugh could build a bass by hand exactly to every specification you have. I have two on the way and have played many and they are really excellent basses- think Fodera good.
  3. Andy Brown

    Andy Brown Commercial User

    Jul 23, 2004
    Rhode Island
    Founder/Owner: Wing Instruments
    I'd also look to Valenti in that range.
  4. BurningSkies

    BurningSkies CRAZY BALDHEAD Supporting Member

    Feb 20, 2005
    Syracuse NY
    Endorsing artist: Dingwall Guitars
    Look at the Dingwall Afterburner I and II basses. You're right in that price range and they're incredible instruments.
  5. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Here are the basses I am looking at...perhaps I will choose one of these

    Modulus Flea FB5 5-String Bass
    Modulus Flea J5 5-String Electric Bass
    Yamaha BBNE2 Nathan East Signature Model
    Pedulla Rapture 5-String Bass
    Peavey Cirrus 5 5-String Bass
    Yamaha TRB5PII 5-String Neck-Thru Bass

    Dingwall Afterburner II- (Do you know if I can find one in this price range???if so, where)
    Here it is more expensive http://www.basscentral.com/2003/dingwall.shtml
  6. Oh goodness. Can I add to your list? You have a very nice budget and you would do well to look at these:

    +++1 on Dingwall Afterburner, they ARE in your price range, call BassCentral and ask them.

    -Spector USA bolt-on or European Neck-thru
    -Bee Basses (www.beebasses.com) <-- really look at these

    -Also check www.theperfectbass.com - they offer a TalkBass discount or something.

    All the ones you listed are great basses, but do yourself a favor, since your array of choices is so vast with $2500 to spend, and look into the many other PHENOMENAL instruments.

    Good luck, and have fun!
  7. What about the Dingwall Super J?
  8. sps500

    sps500 In Memoriam

    May 19, 2008
    With that sort of budget you are spoilt for choice!!!:hyper:

    I say peruse through the For Sale section and get 2 for the price of one brand new one.:)
  9. gkbass13

    gkbass13 Supporting Member

    Mar 29, 2006
    buy the roscoe SKB 6 string in the TB classifieds, and explain to your uncle that it was the best choice out there.
  10. tapp01


    Apr 10, 2008
    Wilmington, NC
    Wow! I would hate to be in your shoes right now.;)

    $2500 is a lot of money, and there are a lot of great choices out there right now. Based on your choices and with looking forward to becoming a session bassist, I would choose either



    in addition to this:

    This way you get a great sounding active bass in addition to the passive jazz. The combination of the two would cover most anything in a studio setting and you could swing both on your budget. I will now go try not to be jealous!:p

    P.S. Yamahas are great guitars in my experience.
  11. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    I am having fun playing my cheap ergodyne, I can´t imagine playing a good bass!!After 2 years of saving money I can afford the bass, some effects, a cab and a gk bass head!!GREAT!!
    Well....if someone can give the difference between dingwall afterburner 1, 2 and jp...I will be more oriented..
    At bass central afterburner 2 is in 3300-up price range (it is posible to find it cheaper???
    At bass central the afterburner 1 is on the price range I can afford....
    I am still checking all the other possibilities you are giving me, thanks for that, the more the better!!
    Is sadowsky a good brand!!!
    Well I continue playing and wishing I can get the bass in 3 weeks....next week I have to make the decision...perhaps one of the most dificults of all my life!!!
    Perhaps in some years I will go to boston-berklee to study so there I can buy another bass...jaja!!I love dreaming!
  12. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Another grat Idea out there!!!!
    I love Jaco, why not bringing an american jazz bass an anothe bass at the midle price range!!!whoo,could be another possibility (only if you say basses at middle price range-1000-1500) can beat one of 2500-2750....
    You are the experts here, jeje
  13. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Which model of spector is this bass!!!

    Daniel maza-one of the best players of Argentina, and perhaps of all the world:smug:

    While you watch an outstanding bass player please try to concentrate and give me information about the bass he is playing!!! not the liks he is playing!!!:)
    I know it is an spector!!
  14. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Daniel maza=outstanding groove!!!

    Daniel maza and bona know how to make that happen!!
  15. LOL! Too funny! Looks like Daniel is playing a Korean model Spector - like mine! You can get them for under $600 US. The model is Legend Classic 5.

    If you like his tone, part of that comes from that bass. Very good in midrange, and piano-like sustain and tone.

    You know, this brings up a good point-- especially if you are not able to actually play some of the basses you are choosing from. Trying a more inexpense yet VERY good quality bass such as this one will give you a chance to save money for other gear.

    While you are playing a Spector Legend or a Fender MIA Jazz or something (both less than $1000 US) you can save your money and play other higher-end basses as you come across them in stores, or music trade shows, or when you come to Boston. Then you can develop more of a feel for what you like, and what you want to spend your $2500 on.

    Just a thought.

    Btw, the Afterburner 1 is in your price range, the Afterburner 2 is not. I would very much like to have an Afterburner 1. Or a 2.

    Also, Sadowsky is a VERY good instrument.

    Also, :) , +1 on buying that used Roscoe in the Classifieds here!

    Again, good luck!
  16. Papersen

    Papersen Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2002
    I`ve had the chance to see him live in a small venue and could check his bass. It`s a Spector N2000/5. Great bang for the buck, now discontinued. Anyway, the tone he achieves is all in his fingers.

    BTW, since you`ve mentioned the Modulus FBJ-5 as one of your choices, here`s a good review with sound samples:


    Good luck
  17. Rickett Customs

    Rickett Customs

    Jul 30, 2007
    Southern Maryland
    Luthier: Rickett Customs...........www.rickettcustomguitars.com
    If A spector is what you want,
    for your price range, a few options (should be able to hunt down):

    US neck through NS 5

    US NS 5 BO

    Euro 5 neck through
  18. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    How much did it cost??????
    It was a korean made spector?????

    the tone he achieves is all in his fingers
    I know he is a great player, but that bass sound and look like something more expensive :eyebrow:
  19. Langueta

    Langueta Guest

    Jul 9, 2007
    Come on!

    blessed fingers or what!!!! I can´t belive that is a cheap bass

    Now more :help:

    Pd: I have his telephone number I will begin studing with him :D
  20. Papersen

    Papersen Supporting Member

    Mar 22, 2002
    They pop up at Ebay from time to time since they`re no longer produced but they`re generally under $600.

    Here`s a link to a 4 string version

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