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Help on 5 string purchase

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by bassdr, Dec 13, 2000.

  1. Greetings talk bass folks,

    I'm new to the forum, have gigged for a living but now just play at church. I have a Squier Pro-tone Precision 5 that really is an amazing bass for what I paid for it and a Peavey Foundation fretless 5, and Danelectro DC. I'm looking for a replacement for the Squier. I used to have a Musicman stingray 5, sold it like a ninny when I quit gigging. Should I save ip the bucks and get another or just go for a $500 range 5? I am very impressed with the Yamaha BBN5S at MF for $489 and the DeArmond Pilot Plus 5 for around $449, this bass seems too good to be true, 35" scale, nech through, active electronics. What am I missing here? These appear to have features for he dough as good as the $1000 basses. Bottom line: go for the musicman, or go with the Yamaha or DeArmond?

  2. Harry


    Dec 12, 2000
    I'm impressed that you've found a "cheap" 5 you like. I can find less expensive 4's that are fine, but that B string seems to be a hard one to do with less expensive wood / workmanship. I've had a Peavey 5 (eeech) and MM Stingray 5 (played okay, but had ONE sound) - the first 5 I had I REALLY liked was my Zon - but you see where this is going, money-wise. Actually, if you keep your eyes open, a Zon 5 CAN be had for ~ $1000 - you just have to be patient, watch Ebay, etc. Next on the food-chain, in my opinion, is the Lakand, which is much more $$ but a nice axe, particularly if you like the MM sound...

    I may be the wrong guy to comment, though - I just ordered a Ken Lawrence that will end up costing me more than $3000 by the time I get it! Man, will my wife be PISSED!

    good luck
  3. CS


    Dec 11, 1999
    I also play in church, however mention it and it seems to start flame wars :) I spent a year looking for a 5 and bought a Stingray. If I had the cash I would have bought the Legacy (1400 pounds SH yikes!!!!!) I agree with Harry about the Lakland but they were not around in UK in 97 (dont know when they arrived on the scene and dont care)
    I tried a fretless with a pearly scratchplate (thats the real name for a pickguard:))and they are 2300 here and at 1.45 exchange rate thats a lot of money.

    I would go with the MM as it wont be your sole bass and I am biased. HAppy hunting.
  4. You want a good 5-string for that price then I'll tell you where to get it.
    What you want is an Ibanez EDC705. You can try one out at your local music store(they usually have 'em in stock)and if you want to buy it got to http://www.music-n-sound.com/ and you can snag one for $550. You should do this cuz they usually cost at least $100 more at a retail store.
  5. StingRay 5 gets my vote - but again like CS I'm biased ;)
  6. embellisher

    embellisher Holy Ghost filled Bass Player Supporting Member

    Of the ones you mentioned, if you can afford it, go for the MusicMan. It's worth the extra money.

    Or, maybe the good Lord will drop a deal into your lap, like He did on my Pedulla Rapture J2 5 string.

    I got it for $150 less than I could have gotten a Stingray 5 for.

    Good luck in your hunt, from another church bass player.
  7. Matthias


    May 30, 2000
    Vienna, Austria
    I also play in church (besides other bands and projects) and I also spent 1 year looking for a 5 string - and I bought a Stingray...

    IMHO it has not only one sound but 3 - each position of the switch. Others may call it one sound with slight variations maybe :)

    However, I like it and it's enough for me.
    Better 1 good sound than 5 bad ones...


  8. Kelvin


    Apr 30, 2000
    Hi from another church bassist.

    For around $500 I'd be looking at a used Fender Jazz V. The more traditional tone of the fender is pretty popular amongst church bassists here.

    Given your choices, I'd say go with the musicman. Its very much a proven instrument, and $700 used for a 5 in good condition is not uncommon.

  9. Good to hear from other church bass players! I think I'm going to save up for one of three: Stingray 5, Fender jazz 5 or G&L 1505. Since it will be a few months to get the cash together I can play all three and choose. Any input on these three from those of you who have one? This is probably a no-lose situation.
  10. I am another church player. I play a MIA P-Bass and am considering a MIM Jazz Delux 5 or a Ibanez 405 or 485. I know that this will be a step down in quality, but there is no way that I can afford a MIA or Stingray 5. I know some of the other bass players at my church have basses like Sadowsky, Ibanez, and the MIA Delux fender. I have gone to the store and tried both, but cant make up my mind. I am leaning towards the Fender because of my loyalty to the brand that hasnt let me down and with a gigbag or a different bass made somewhere else that could have a better b string.
  11. Thanks to all who replied to this thread. I just received my G&L L-2500 that I got on an end-of-the-year sale at Bass NW. Check out the link, got to new exotic basses and go to an L-2500 with sunburst finish and maple fingerboard. I played it at practice this week and am playing next Sunday for service. It sounds great, now do I trade in the Hartke 1410 combo for an SWR Workingmans combo?

  12. Dave Siff

    Dave Siff Supporting Member

    Ya know, if you're playing in church, wouldn't it make sense to play a Reverend?
    Ok, sorry, I know that was bad, but they are great basses!
    Congrats on your G&L, sounds awesome..

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