Help on mustang bass wiring and specs

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  1. marianoh


    Aug 1, 2011
    Hello everyone. I just bought a mustang bass cij reissue. It supossed to have duncan design pickups. It is from 2007. I just wanted to put the wiring , the pots, the pickups and all as close as the original vintage mustang basses. Anyone can tell me this information? The wiring and the specifications of the pots, electronics, pickups etc? Thaks so much for the help
  2. I am also interested in the original wiring diagram. Thanks.
  3. KenB


    Jul 15, 2008
    Yellow Springs, OH
    Here is a link to a picture of the “stock” wiring of a cij Mustang:

    Mustang Bass CIJ Rewire Project

    This thread has a link to a pdf file of Fender’s schematic for the “vintage” Mustang Bass:

    Fender CIJ Mustang Bass - wiring problem - Gearslutz
  4. KenB


    Jul 15, 2008
    Yellow Springs, OH
    Here is a picture of the controls from a 1966 Mustang Bass:


    These pots are made by Stackpole. CTS pots were also used.

    Notice that the ground connections for the pots and the output jack are through the control plate.

    Also, vintage Mustangs have a flat brass shielding plate lining the bottom of the control cavity (the "brass" referred to in the pdf schematic in my previous post). Ground connection from the bridge plate is soldered to that plate.
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  5. Thanks Ken!