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  1. ok to make a long story short

    i found this cab by the road it apperas to be 3way---2 15" woofer a 4"(?) midrange and a horn on top the woofer were removed an its possible they are no good also idk if the mid and horn work either i thinkthe crossover should be good also the speaker jack is gone\\\ i believe this used to be part of an old stereo system in a living room

    how much $ would it cost for 2 15" and new jack and jack plate

    also would the 2 other speakers be good for a 3 way bass cab or are they only good for a stereo

  2. ideas?
  3. fdeck

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  4. If it's an old home stereo cab, you're probably going to get more enjoyment out of it by chaining it to the back of your truck and towing it around the neighborhood at high speed.:D
  5. Cosmo_Smallpiece


    May 26, 2000
    Best laugh of the day so far:D
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