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    Sep 30, 2001
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    First off, I make no claim to be any type of expert on the older Fender bass amps. This said, the AA165 would seem to date it into the mid-60s, maybe 1965 or so. I know the AB165 is mid 60ish. I have followed these on ebay for the last year or so, and they seem to go for around $350-450, depending on condition, exact model, etc. I don't recall what they are, but there are Fender vintage internet sites. Also, be aware that there are possibly some amps on the market that may not be authentic. So buyer beware, due diligence, and all that!
  3. That is a really interesting Bassman because of the month it was made. The "O" was the 1965 code and the "A" was the code for January, so it would seem safe to say it was made in 01/65.

    However the code stamper neglected to change the stamping machine for Jan of `66, so those also have OA or AO codes.

    But the reason that's a `65 is --- Notice on the rear plate it says "Fender Electric Instruments" ? That was an original, pre-CBS plate. When CBS took over Fender, officially, that month, they were left with a large supply of these plates which they used up till April of `65, (except for a couple of other models). In April of `65, that changed to "Fender Musical Instruments."

    So, because it has the "Electric Instruments" instead of the "Musical Instruments", it's a `65 even though the Jan `66 also had the O and the A.

    As boobinga so rightly mentions, you have to be careful. But this would be an awfully elaborate and expensive fake job, IME.
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    Sep 30, 2001
    Lebanon, PA
    OK what you said has been very helpful so far my am has a serial code of A 1889 if you know what that means it would be greatly appreciated. and it has a black face plate that says musical instruments not electric.

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    Mar 31, 2006
    The value of somthin' is what someone is willing to pay for it. The more origional your blackface is, and the manufactured year makes a difference, also the condition, toxlex,tube chart condition is the biggest thing in proving the year it was made, the brand of new tubes you put in it (the origional tubes will have to bew replaced due to age), if it has been service and if it has a service warenty (it all has to be working, not just one side or somthing, to get top value for it it has to be completly serviced and restored. Make sure you take it to a tech that is used to dealing with vintage equiptment if not they can ruin its value.. Really there is a bunch of things, but here this link should be enoughf to figure out the correct year on it and give you a start..