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Help out a canadian Tb'er?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by silent method, May 25, 2005.

  1. Hey guy I have been looking to get into a fretless bass but as there isn't a single one in this city for me to try I will have to buy blindly.

    I thought that this being my first fretless I would go cheap and see if I like it. I have been hearing great things about the essex line as of late and have been looking into getting one.

    Now, trying to find one for sale in canada is a different story and shipping through rondo music seems a little high.

    Does anyway have any idea of getting one here specifically this one.

    Maybe I could pay someone to pick it up and ship it to me?

    Thanks for reading.

    EDIT: total cost from rondomusic is $180.28 USD and I'm sure it could be sent for less.
  2. bmc


    Nov 15, 2003
    Two ideas for you.

    First, is there a Long and McQuade nearby?

    Second, check out


    They have a store in Ottawa and one in Toronto. The Ottawa store has a really nice Godin Acoustibass for sale. A tad pricey and maybe over your budget. I'm sure they'd ship it up the river to you.
  3. 62bass


    Apr 3, 2005
    Try contacting Steve's Music and Long and McQuade in Toronto also. While they probably don't carry Essex they should have something by Yamaha or Ibanez at about the price you want to pay. I tried a yamaha fretless a while back that was pretty good.

    A used Godin fretless is also nice but maybe too pricey for you. I have one I hardly ever use but it sounds and plays nice.

    That $180 US plus shipping for the Essex will come to a lot more Canadian.
  4. There isn't a music store worth a grain of salt nearby the most expensive bass in this city is a $1000 CAD fender MIM lol.

    I took a look at the songbird site but didnt really see anything within the budget im looking for this bass. but thanks anyway
  5. right now im looking at steve's and Long and McQuade. does anyone else have any canadian links? thanks so far guys the search continues!
  6. How are you breaking down this total cost? Is Rondo charging $60 for shipping? If so, that is way too high, there must be some mistake. However, when calculating shipping costs from the US, don't forget to add duty and GST. Plus, UPS will try to charge you an insane $50 brokerage fee if you don't call them once the bass is shipped and tell them that you will broker the package yourself. Brokering involves nothing more than going to your local UPS location to get the paperwork and bringing the paperwork to your local Canada customs office. They will fill out the rest of the paper work for you and charge you the duty ant GST on the spot. They then give you a release form that you bring back to UPS so that you can pick up the package.

    The UPS website shipping calculator shows the shipping costs to be 41.50 CAD or $33 USD. (Assuming your postal code is P1C 1G7) Kurt usually uses a flat $35 USD shipping cost to Canada so your total from Rondo would be $165.00 US plus $9.00 CAD for Duty and $10.50 in GST. Your total cost for the Bass would be about $228 CAD. (Or 180 US, the same as you have quoted, however this price is all inclusive, nothing else to pay.) I highly doubt that you will find any kind of fretless bass in Canada of the same quality for that price. Especially not from L&M. Remember that because you don't have a local retailer, you are still going to have to pay shipping charges to NB. To ship a bass anywhere within Canada will cost $30 min. anyway. (Eg. Same package from Winnipeg to Regina which is a 5 hour drive away is $30.37 for shipping) Just make sure that you don't let UPS broker the package for you. That is the killer cost. I got caught on this cost the first time I ordered from Rondo and learned how to avoid it pretty quick! :)

    BTW, I am in Winnipeg MB and have ordered several guitars and basses from Rondo. They are a great place to deal with and sell a pretty darned good product for the price. I would recommend that you go for that pretty blue fretless. You will not be able to do any better with a Canadian retailer. :D
  7. rondo adds an additional 15.00 USD handling fee,, (I've gone thru the checkout, and cancelled my order),, duty/gst is above that yet,, and of course, the nasty brokerage fee, turning a low budget bass into a plus $300.00 CAD purchase,,,
    unfortunate, but true,,,
  8. Mark Wilson

    Mark Wilson Supporting Member

    Jan 12, 2005
    Toronto, Ontario
    Endorsing Artist: Elixir® Strings
    I was up at Steve's music not long ago, I was actually disappointed in their bass sections. It was even pushed behind a wall of amps and guitars. But I do believe they have a fretless or two. Ibanez probably. If you're more south, or willing for a trip come to Welland Ontario. To Central Music. They have a Fender Fretless 5 and a Yamaha Fretless. I swear through that store, i love them.
  9. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Jan 9, 2004
    London ON
    Thanks for this info about brokerage fees and acting as my own broker.

  10. Steve Clark

    Steve Clark

    Jan 9, 2004
    London ON
    Steve's (Toronto) has been set up that way since God was a boy.

  11. Jiro


    Mar 15, 2004
    what happens if there is no local UPS location?
  12. Not true..............

    The additional $15.00 US charge brings the total cost of the bass to $234 CAD. Clearing/Brokering is free if you do it yourself and I have already included the duty and GST in my calculation. I know this from experience as I have bought a few guitars from Rondo at this price. I'm not sure where you are getting a $300.00 total. I'm still pretty sure that he will not beat $234 CAD with any Canadian retailer for a bass of this quality. Remember that he will still have to have the bass shipped no matter where he buys it.
  13. If there is no UPS location, UPS would not ship to your location. UPS may choose to use a third party shipper if they don't have a presence in your location. In this case, you would get the paper work from them. Calling UPS customer service will provide you with all of the details.

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