Help picking a Joyo Dirt pedal!

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  1. Well, well after my pickup thread went so well, I thought I should ask what dirty/fuzzy Baroness tone, I play with my fingers near the neck and mix both pickups and I just covered my tweeter with tape.(so much better :bassist:)

    Anyway the choices are:

    • JF15 California Sound - Tech 21 Character, California
    • JF-16 British Sound - Tech 21 Character, British
    • JF-17 Extreme Metal - EHX Metal Muff
    • JF-04 High Gain Distortion - Marshall Shredmaster

    I would list the OCD clone, but I really like having EQ options on my dirt pedals other wise I can't tial in the right amount of finger clacking.
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    Nov 14, 2013
  3. That particular tone in that video sounds like a scooped muff or Boss ODB-3 kind of sound to me. It does sound great, didn't know they had a new album out so will have to check it out! I haven't tried the others but can tell you that American Sound pedal (which I do have) and therefore probably the British also, won't really get you there.

    I looked up pics of Nick Jost's board and it looks like a Big Muff and Fulltone Bass Drive (although who knows if that's what's on the record).

    I go for a similarly heavy tone myself with either an overdrive boosting into a Bass Big Muff, or just a plain old Boss ODB-3.

    I notice he's also playing a Yamaha BB there like myself, no wonder I recognise the tone as being similar to my own!
  4. ^ When I saw him he had a 5 string jazz variant, was the best sounding bass from the festival, so the metal muff would be the closest?