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Help Please with U.F.O. Lights out in London

Discussion in 'Bassists [BG]' started by mntallpaul, Jan 4, 2006.

  1. Friends,
    99% of the time I can fiqure out basslines, Old school player here.....45 yrs young. But my ears are old and have been at too many shows.
    Well I know Pete Best loved the distortion , and I just am having a heck of a time with this song..
    Any ideas or help is appreciated!
    Paul from Rapscallion...70s and 80s rock.
  2. It's not Pete Best it's Pete Way, hehehe I'm an oldy too. :)
    Not sure what you're asking though. I think he used an old Marshall rig in the day, just a bit of tube grit.
    Rock on man! :)
  3. Yes, your right my friend........pete way.......dooh!
    I was just wondering what the bass line was in the beginning of the song.....the first 3 notes. Maybe E-F-G....pretty low octave but the distortion is throwing me off.....
  4. I don't have the disk handy but If I recall it's a chromatic step up from E, so E F F# since the lick is F# E. Now I have to get nostalgic and get that disk out, it's funny my tastes have radically changed nowdays, but I still have great respect for the roots as it were. :) And I still like to rock out every now and then.

    I saw Pete several times many years back, he was like the Angus Young of bass, running like a madman all over the stage. He even blew out his leather pants at one show, thank goodness for the Union Jack boxers. LOL
  5. I was told that he wanted to look great and play loud.
    Now that I am 45 I think I will leave the shirt on and leave the tight pants to the young guys!
    Groove on.......Paul