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  1. My band is getting started up again, and I really need a more powerful rig. Sorry, I know everyone asks this. But I was looking at a head/cab setup, and although I would love an aggy head, its just too much money. So I was thinking an ampeg b series head with maybe an aggy 112 or 212 cab. What would you suggest? Would a power/pre amp setup be better? We play smaller gigs, usually schools, quite a few outdoors, gyms, clubs, stuff like that. But I would still like something a little more than the bare minimum so that if we get into some larger ones, I can still be heard. THNX! O, and I am just using a peavy basic 112 right now.
  2. Mcrelly


    Jun 16, 2003
    Minnesota, USA
    If your wanting to use your rig as a monitor and pluggin into p.a. then two 112s and 300-600watts head should be fine. if you can never seem to get enough volume get a 410 and a 115 and at least 800w head. you don't have to get separate pre and amp unless you want to go over 800watts. thats what I'd do.
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    I would definitely go with a 400-600 watt head, and a couple cabs. From what I have learned around here, a 210 and a 115 will be just great for what you will be playing.

    If you have enough cash, get a 410 that produces a good low end. With that head, and two cabs you are ready for any venue. You can make a couple different combos to suit where you are playing. I think the big thing for us bass guys is flexibility. Makes ya look more pro also. :)