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Help shipping to Canada

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by powmetalbassist, May 11, 2011.

  1. powmetalbassist

    powmetalbassist Supporting Member

    Hey, so I live in Canada and I want to buy a bass in the states, but USPS says the bass is "to large to ship". Any solutions? I want it shipped to me, but if I miss the drop off I want it to be sent to my nearest post office for pick up. I don't think Fedex does that Suggestions Ideas?
  2. capnjim


    Mar 13, 2008
    I get basses fairly regular and the only way is USPS with the neck off. If you want the case it will cost you way more than the case is worth.
    Fedex and UPS have outrageous "brokerage" fee's.
    Most sellers will ship in one box with the neck off. You can alos request a 100$ value so you don't pay tax. I don't feel this is dishonest as its usually a used item and the taxes have already been paid.
    Of course, you don't have insurance, but its pretty hard to damage a bass with the neck off.
    Why should the CDN gov't get an extra 15%?
    It might take a bit of looking to find a seller that will do this, but its really the only way.
  3. London, ON seems to be reasonably close to the US border. I don't know if you have similar companies in the Ontario/Detroit area... But around the Vancouver BC/Washington border, there are companies that will let you use their American address for a small fee, then you cross over & pick it up yourself. You'll save a bundle on shipping... You can finally take advantage of companies that offer free shipping within CONUS.

    You should be prepared to declare it when you cross the border. You never know... You might get lucky & the border guard will wave you through.
  4. PazzoBasso


    Jan 21, 2011
    I've received guitars & basses vis USPS (packed in cases & outer boxes) - not sure what the size limitations are or if there have been some recent changes... UPS or FedEx will definitely be more expensive... You'll have to pay HST on the total amount with any carrier, but the brokerage fees & duty will depend on the particulars (Made in USA instruments are duty-free - thanks to free trade...)

    I think FedEx & UPS will "hold for pick-up" at the location of your choice... If you think you might miss the courier or postman at your door, make sure the package is sent with "signature required" - or it could get left on your doorstep... I get stuff shipped to me @ work - there's always someone here & I keep cash on-hand for the duty/brokerage surprise...

    I wouldn't recommend trying to avoid the taxes on imported goods - brokerage fees I don't agree with, but paying your taxes is the cost of living in one of the worlds greatest countries & it's illegal to do otherwise...
  5. Randall


    Aug 6, 2009
    Fedex brokerage fees are way less than UPS.
    You can pick up your package at the local fedex distribution if you have one in your location. Usually they attempt to deliver and you can then phone them to hold it for you.
    USPS has the least expensive brokerage fees of the bunch but limited in size of package.
  6. +1 If you are caught, both you and the seller will get nailed. Additionally, most sellers state in their sites/ads that they refuse to indicate a sale value other than the actual paid.
  7. anonymous122511

    anonymous122511 Guest

    Dec 28, 2010
    Isn't Port Huron about an hour away? Have it held for pickup there and go get it.
  8. BassGen


    Mar 15, 2011
    Ontario, Canada
    If you get a false low declared value for customs, you can't insure it for more than that in the event of damage. Risky.

    If you have a US address where you can collect it that's the best way to save some money. My Rick, shipped to my house came with a bill for $300 for HST and brokerage.

    Last year I bought a 74 Gibson SG and had it shipped to my company in the US where I have to drive to for meetings on a regular basis. Came through the border no problem at all on the way home that trip.

    There should not be any duty on Guitars, amps and other such electronics from the US.
  9. aqsw


    May 28, 2006
    Too easy!
    Buy a Dingwall!!!
  10. deb


    Mar 10, 2009
    Toronto, Canada
  11. powmetalbassist

    powmetalbassist Supporting Member

    Cool thanks guys. Helpful, just trying to get it shipped, but USPS is being a pain. Ièm not worried about "under valuing" because I'd rather have it insured then getting screwed by damages from shipping.
  12. Hordehunterx


    Apr 26, 2011
    I call road trip !!
  13. I live in London, ON, and have shipped over a dozen basses back and forth across the border via USPS. Never had that problem.

    Is it an oversized, pointy-head instrument? Or is the carton larger than needed?

    USPS is generally the way to go for the trip northward- not much slower than the courier companies, and way cheaper- no bogus border crossing fees, etc.

    FWIW, I picked up two Ibanez ATK's over the winter. Shipped one direct, and had the other dropped off in Michigan, and driven across the border by a friend. I paid more for the driven one, because they got dinged for HST at the border.
  14. Oh, and neck-off ROCKS. Done that with a couple of guitars, and saved a bunch of money. Also less chance of damage, and i'm told that smaller parcels get picked first, so it's a bit faster.
  15. Jonyak


    Oct 2, 2007
    Ottawa, Ont
    If you are close to the border, you can have it shipped to a US UPS, and they charge $5 to hold it for you. you can just cross and pick it up.

    saves money on shipping and on customs fees if you are crafty enough.

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