Help!Source for wide space 5 string bridge?

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  1. Hi,
    I have a Atelier Z 5 string bass with a badass bridge.The spacing is 2 7/8.
    I want to get a replacement bridge with a quickrelease in black.
    ABM had a model # 3431W that would have been perfect but the company in no more.Allparts does not have them anymore,neither does
    I'm looking for a source for that bridge or something else like it.
    The spacing is really wide and I know this is going to be a tall order.The Badass that's on is nice but i clean and reuse my strings often so I really need the quickrelease.
    Where else could I possibly look for something like that
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    If the spacing on your current bridge is 2 7/8" at the bridge from the center of the two outer strings, that breaks down as follows:

    2 7/8 = 2.875" divided by 4 (the number of spaces or gaps between the strings) = .71875" or 23/32"

    Hipshot offers 5 string bridges in a wide variety of spacings, two of which that are close to what you need are .708" and .728". I'd go with the .708" version, and using their adjustable string spacing set the exact spacing you need once it is installed on the bass. The string spacing on each string on Hipshot Model A bridges is adjustable by around 2mm. You can also order them in either solid brass or solid aluminum.

    Check with Hipshot directly ( and tell `em Grandon (The Bass Kahuna) sent ya. I like the Hipshot Model A bridges enough that I use them on all of the basses I build and sell.
  3. Hey Grandon,
    Thanks for your message.I checked out your site.You build some beautiful basses!!!
    Anyway, about the bridge, I think I might have found the best option for my particular bass.Ken Smith in New York makes one that is essentially a badass bridge, same spacing and hole pattern as the one on my bass, only that it is quickrelease and made of brass(I think) and it's black.Perfect ( I hope)!
    It was pretty pricey (200.-) but I got such a good deal on my Atelier Z that in the big picture it will be worth it.
    take care
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    Have you seen the Kahler 24x0 series fixed bass bridges? Quick-release string loading, independently variable string spacing...and if the 5-string 2450 model isn't wide enough for your needs you could get the 6-string 2460 model and remove one saddle.
  5. I had one of those Kahlers on a bass.Looked impressive, but I didn't like it.It was a nightmare to adjust.
  6. KSB - Ken Smith

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    Well, we moved out of NY to PA in 1995 FYI..

    Although it may look similar to another Bridge, take some calipers and measure the difference. Ours is also Machined from Brass (not cast zinc like the BA-II was) and then plated Chrome, Black or Gold.

    The ones on the USA Smith Basses are made here in USA. The ones that were on the Burner Basses were made the same way but made in Japan by Gotoh for us. Moon also used them in the late 80s from Gotoh and paid a Royalty to us for the design.
  7. shaller 2000 bridge can be adjusted to any width!!!
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    May 25, 2003
    Are you on drugs? :rolleyes: $200 for a bridge, is it made out of gold?
    Take Ken's advise, mesure first.
    I personally would go with Hipshot either A or B models.

  9. I did go with the ken Smith bridge and i'm glad I did.The spacing is perfect for the Atelier Z, is looks and sounds the way I wanted it and it's brass, thanks for pointing that out Ken, I didn't know.
    As far as being on drugs for spending 200.- on a bridge.... I just saw in another thread what Celinders go for.Now that's something that would require some serious drugs to justify. I have not played one so I don't know for sure, all I know is that my Z is really nice and I'm totally happy with it.