HELP!!! SWR Problems

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  1. Okay, my Baby Blue 2 just showed up. It sounded good for 5 minutes and then it made this farty distorted noise that was about ten times quieter than the level that I was playing at. I figured I lost the tube but on further examination I found that the source of the noise was the stacked pot on the treble part of the preamp. I tried turning it back and forth thinking it was a dirty pot. When I move it back and forth 180 degrees, not rotating, the sound switches back and forth between the "noise" and a true sound. I pulleds the head and looked for a bad solder but its really hard to tell. I would imagine that these are the same pots used on any of their concentric setups like the SM series. Anybody ever seen this?
  2. Update.
    Now it seems to be all the tone pots.
  3. ReUpdate.
    The Aural enhancer knob pulls out to eliminate the EQ, I guess like an auto-flat setting. With this pulled out and the EQ eliminated I can still get the "noise" so I'm starting to think I've got a bad ground on the circuit card assembly.
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    Its a legendary amp. if you didn't pay an arm and a leg or have a leg left over it would probably be worth taking it to a PROFESSIONAL SHOP.
  5. Well, I called the shop in Ca. (I'm in Tx) where I bought and the guy told me to ship it to him and he'd look at it. I don't know this cat so I don't really know whether to trust him or not. I'm inclined to take it to someone I DO trust and just pay. I payed $410 shipped. At that price I figured on reconing speakers at least, so guess it'll be more that least....slightly bummed...
  6. Reflowed the solder joints...BIG difference. Its still got a little noise so I 'm taking it to a repair guy recommended by Pete Skjold, Jim at Texas Guitar and Sound. I'll put up a new post when its done.