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HELP..Trading fender american jazz bass for 1993 ibanez sr1300 pd..is it worth it?

Discussion in 'Basses [BG]' started by Pachybass, Apr 28, 2017.

  1. Pachybass


    Mar 4, 2017
    Good day this is my first post here on talkbass. I have a 2007-2008 sunburst Fender american standard jazz bass. I have been offered a 1993 made in japan ibanez sr1300 pd. It has a padauk body, wenge-bubigna neck and a wenge fretboard, with ibanez afr pickups and a mid variable preamp( ibanez original 3 band preamp for 1993). He offered me the ibanez plus 250 dollars for my fender. I tried it and it seemed very well built, well balanced, comfy neck, and it was in amazing condition(looked new)...but it needed a set up, the pick ups didn't impress me that much nor the preamp and the strings were dead..... Is it worth it?...has anybody owned or tried an ibanez sr1300 pd, whats the resale value on them?, is it in the same ball park as the fender? IMG_2738. IMG_2737.JPG IMG_2739. 15823522_1239907902768344_207569882767733393_n. 15781757_1239907872768347_2684846596213864217_n. 15825855_1239907992768335_1860592998754307528_n. IMG_2736.
  2. SpazzTheBassist


    Jun 20, 2006
    These threads are usually translated as "Two basses - One has a higher dollar value more than the other but I like all the features and playability of the other one"

    When you get right down to it, the public may have norms of "Worth" and "Value" reflected by the masses but, in reality, only the individual player can deem what its "worth" and what its "Value" is...If you feel that the lesser $ instrument is going to inspire you in ways the higher $ won't do, then its "worth/value" is justified....but you have to do that with a clean conscience without "but this one is $$ so much more" ever playing into it

    Good Luck

    $.02, YMMV, YMCA, and all that Jazz
  3. Pachybass


    Mar 4, 2017
    Thanks for the input man...the problem i have is that the bass was set up with really high action, and that didn't allow me to really get a good feel for the bass, if i traded it i would have to send it to my luthier to set it up and then see if i like it. Thats why im asking for the resale value just in case i have to resell it if set up it dosent sing to me like i want it too.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
  4. MEKer

    MEKer Supporting member

    May 30, 2006
    Hmm..set up with really high action...initial thought is that I hope it is not because it needs a shim in the neck joint. That usually tells me that the pocket was not proper depth from the factory. That's how I feel about it. YMMV, but it makes me a tad uncomfortable, especially if I am going to be losing a tried and true bass I believe is made properly and truly fits my needs anyway. You already said the pickups did not impress you also. That's 2 strikes. Enough for me to pass. Plus I think you might be on the losing end of any resale value.

    Ask yourself why you are willing to give up your Fender. Be honest with yourself. Is it just an itch? But if you really wanna ditch the Fender......keep looking.

    PS: Just between you and me.....are you tired of your Fender's tort pickguard? If so, do not mention it around here as they are thought, by some fanatical few, to be semi-worthy of worship. I admit it confuses me, but "they" claim that way back in 1917, General John J. Pershing wrote a paper saying a tort pickguard may be the most valuable accessory the American Expeditionary Force personnel headed for Europe should have in their possession. It would make them braver or something. That, years later, then gets picked up and used as evidence of tort pickguard greatness. Hell...I dunno.
    I DID put tort pickguard material on a toilet seat and yeah, I guess it felt pretty good and looked classy despite what the wife said about it (and me)...but like I said...I dunno.
    PPS: I just might super glue on a jack input by the flush handle to freak the lil lady out. Then I can announce to her sometimes that I need to use the bassroom. Hah. That'll get her!
    I think I have gone off the rails of the post subject.....
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2017
  5. BurnOut

    BurnOut It's The Billy Baloney Show Supporting Member

    Feb 1, 2015
    The Natti
    I'm pretty sure I know what the Fender people will say. And feel pretty positive what the Ibanez people will say. Good Luck.
  6. Josh Jenkins

    Josh Jenkins Supporting Member

    Dec 14, 2015
    Lakewood, OH
    I picked up one of those SR1300PDs (92 or 93 not sure, they only made it with solid padauk those years) last summer for a little over $600. I had one back in 92-93 and it was my favorite bass ever and I had been causally looking for awhile.

    Love it, plays great, heavy but it's solid padauk so you'll have that!

    I'd make that trade but I am partial to the Ibanez
  7. Rabidhamster


    Jan 15, 2014
    How do you propose that would have happened on a mass produced CNC machined guitar? You don't even final sand a neck pocket route.

    Bad set up, neck warp, or broken truss rod are infinitely more likely. Bad setup is most common, but could also be due to bad/raising frets.

    I definitely agree with you that its a reason for pause on a bass like this, whatever the reason. Though admittedly tons of people would rather sell a bass than set it up, or pay to have it set up.

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