HELP! - vintage tuning peg problem

Discussion in 'Hardware, Setup & Repair [BG]' started by rev13, Jan 28, 2005.

  1. rev13


    Jan 28, 2005
    NYC - formerly SF
    k - restrung my bass.
    70's Music Man Sabre, Modulus Graphite neck
    (replacement neck put on in 1984)
    all original (70's) parts (obviously not the neck)
    my G peg, will NOT stay in tune - keeps dropping the tension.
    how can i fix this - it has the old style, open back, geared pegs and i don't want to replace them if possible (as anyone with a graphite neck can relate - it's a pain in the ass)
    thank you for the help
  2. Perhaps you tighten up the screws a bit to help with this? With the string off, test the tuner for play/movement in both the post and the handle. The post and the rear main gear should not be loose, even though there usually will be some slop or play. Just make sure the post and the gear are snug. Don't overtighten anything.
    You should have another screw coming from the backside of the worm gear that attaches the tuner's handle?
    If so, check for play in that, and tighten if possible. I'm not sure if these tuners have metal or nylon washers that go between where the handle attaches, but if they do they might be worn out. These are needed to keep the proper amount of tension on the tuner, and keep the screw from backing out when you turn the handle.

    You should be able to check all of this and tighten without having to remove the machine. good luck

  3. mbeall


    Jun 25, 2003
    I remember reading a tips&tricks article in Bass Player talk about this problem. Apparently the vintage tuners have always been notorius for not having enough grip to keep the G strings from slipping around the post. The workaround mentioned in the article was to do the first half wrap around the post in the reverse direction, then route the string back thought the middle of the post and start winding in the right direction. This puts 2 right angles in the path to keep the string from slipping around the post
    I do this on my EB Sterling even though I've never had the problem with the G string slipping (probably because the post has the hole in the center).
    I hope the explanation is clear. The article in bass player had pictures.

  4. rev13


    Jan 28, 2005
    NYC - formerly SF
    Hey - THANK YOU for the advice,
    i will definetly look at the g-string winding tip!
    i ended up taking it apart this weekend (then my GF's stupid cat knocked over all the loose parts - nothing lost tho, cat got a free flying lesson) but i got it back together, cleaned and tightened EVERYTHING and things seem to be fine - holding everything in place and in tune...fingers crossed.
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